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Artificial rupture of membrane

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Peppardew Wed 20-Jan-16 09:53:23

Just wondered if anyone had any experience? I'm 40+4, hospital had advised to try for VBAC due to previous ELCS for breach (no labour that time, all booked in at 39 weeks). Had a sweep yesterday and cervix apparently still high and closed. Advised to try and get 2 further sweeps in before seeing them next Tuesday when will break my waters. Not sure how I feel about this. They didn't want to book a surgery date for a c sec in case that didn't work and said that could wait until next week. I'm just a bit concerned that breaking waters seems like a really bad idea if body not ready for it and that is all getting bit close to 42 weeks with no alternative plan. I'm feeling like if the alternative is labour with lots of interventions, potentially ending in an EMCS, I'd rather they just booked me in for another ELCS, but can't now have that conversation until next week. Just wondered how likely things are to change by then, whether cervix likely to be looking more favourable. No real signs of anything yet!

blacknpurple Wed 20-Jan-16 11:06:59

Hi Peppardew

I would try not to worry too much.....

1) you may go into labour yourself before then
2) if not gone into labour then when you see the midwife for your sweep discuss
3) if it gets to next tuesday when they booked you in to have your waters broken discuss on the day, if you are not happy for this to go ahead decline, they cannot do it without your explicit consent, ask to speak to the consultant, discuss all that worries you and if you still prefer to have an EL C/S say that with no uncertain terms.

No one can tell you if your labour will end up full of interventions and/or with an emergency CS, anything can happen, the important is that you are clear at each step what is happening and what you are 'happy' to try.

You can only do what you can with the information you have now.

Above all: nothing should be done without your consent

Peppardew Fri 22-Jan-16 14:52:57

Hello, thanks so much for the reply, and sorry for taking so long for responding. I think thinking on it more I was just a but taken back by the breezy "we WILL be doing this approach", rather than it being an option to consider, think was just s bit of a miscommunication. Anyway, life being what it is and other unforeseen complications arising I haven't been able to have any more sweeps anyway so think all up in the air again! Thanks again

soundsofsodor Fri 22-Jan-16 14:59:39

Can you ask if they would be giving you a pessary first? This may prompt your body to go into labour naturally. My understanding was that they couldn't break your waters unless you were 2cm?

I also think that you should be able to change your mind and request elcs if you don't like their plan. No one can force you to have a VBAC.

Good luck and hope all goes well

soloula Sat 23-Jan-16 23:38:53

I was induced on my due date for hypertension with DD2. Had a sweep two days before. Was 2cm and really favourable. Had a show then nothing. Induced me by breaking my waters. Had slow contractions. Put me on the drip after half an hour. Stated on the lowest dose and never increased it as my body starting doing its thing. DD2 was born about 90 mins later. So the whole process was about 2 hours start to finish with 40 mins of active labour and 8 mins pushing. For me it was a really positive experience but I was obviously ready for it. As I had my waters broken I was induced on the labour ward which was a huge thing for me as DH was there with me from start to finish.

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