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38wks & literally naval gazing

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1wokeuplikethis Mon 18-Jan-16 23:28:54

Feeling a bit sorry for myself At 38+3, because with my first I went over 2 weeks and had to be induced. I was in hospital from Monday-Friday, pessaries failed and the drip was so incredibly painful. Failed sweeps and a failed go at breaking my waters because there wasn't any. Natural birth with pethidine & g&a and she was born weighing 9lb 13oz.

I've been consultant led with this baby because my first was so big & all the way through they said they wouldn't let me go over...until a scan at 34wks showed baby to be measuring normally and estimated 8.5lb for birth. Which is what they estimated my first would be.

I so so want a natural labour. I'm terrified of csection & dread the thought of being induced again. I don't want to go overdue. I've had a tough pregnancy: gained 5st, SPD since 15wks, a cancer diagnosis and treatment for my father.

Others just go swanning around looking great, just popping into labour at 38 weeks and I am so jealous. I really feel like my body just doesn't understand the whole giving birth thing.

I have another scan next Monday at 39+3 but I have a sinking feeling it will be more fobbing off.

I hate feeling so down & negative but I can't help it. I want my little baby here. I want to be able to play with my little girl again and start being able to breathe/move again. 5 stone is A LOT of extra weight to lug around, I was only 10 stone pre-pregnancy.

I think I'm wondering if anyone else felt like this but had a positive outcome? Anybody more positive than me and able to shine some light on the situation for me? Or anybody have their second baby born at 38wks after going 2 weeks over with their first?!

Gawd, I sound like SUCH a whingebag. Hormones are tricky little feckers.

totty12mum Tue 19-Jan-16 06:04:29

I feel your pain, I had SPD in both pregnancies from about 8 weeks, large babies and 3rd degree tear with the first. I was also told DS2 would be no larger than 8lb 7oz at the most. He was 9lb 7oz. I fought for an induction (there were other reasons) and finally got one at 40 + 4. You can have sweeps from 38 weeks if a consultant signs it off (had five, no luck confused) Just hang on I know its no comfort now but pregnancy will be over very soon and it will be a distant memory, DS is 8 weeks and it feels like a lifetime ago. (I can also relate to the feelings of seeing glowing pregnant women enjoying pregnancy, I have a friend who always talks about how much she loves being pregnant, I wanted to hit her with my crutches! Chin up and good luck, you're nearly there! 😉

1wokeuplikethis Tue 19-Jan-16 08:15:07

Thanks for such a supportive message Totty, and you're right - I know it will be over and I'll be not pregnant for far longer in life than I will be pregnant. And I do forget so fast.

I didn't know that a consultant could sign off sweeps. Not had a lot of information given freely and I wouldn't have thought to ask. Oh well, I can ask lots of questions on Monday at my next scan.

It's a double-edged sword because I DONT want to be induced! If I knew it was a case of being induced at 40weeks though rather than 42 weeks I would go for that.

Just....come on body. Do the labour thing yourself, please!

totty12mum Tue 19-Jan-16 19:34:55

My first induction also took forever, so this time requested that we skipped the pessary malarkey and went straight to breaking waters/drip. Went from first pain to baby in less than 45 minutes. Had had epidural but it failed and no time to do anything else. Totally different experience to first one! Chances are you'll go in to spontaneous labour but if not it won't necessarily be the same as before!

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