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induction tomorrow

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themumfairy Sun 17-Jan-16 17:50:01

I'm being induced tomorrow at 38weeks due to baby not growing but I'm stressing out.
I've been told to ring at 8 am to make sure that 10am is still ok. Any one else rang up and been told they can't be induced? I'm mentally prepared and childcare is sorted for it but freaking out they will tell me I can't go.
Also what did everyone do prior to induction? Just had a shower and good old shave wink but is there anything else to do (except lots of sleep)
Sorry I'm just too excited that baby is coming grin grin

KatyN Sun 17-Jan-16 18:45:59

I phoned at 8 to be told they didn't have space in the morning and to ring back at 2. St 2 they had a bed and I hot footed it in!
The night before induction I finally packed my hospital bag properly, ate really good food and thought at least it would soon be over!
Good luck!! Kxx

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