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hypnobirthing questions! reccommended for possible lone labour? downloads and apps?

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justonemorethread Sat 09-Jan-16 19:10:47

I have had two normal births, one epidural one not . I have never considered anything hypno-related to be credible, but a recent thread made me consider it.
This time due to circumstances I might well find myself going in to labour alone. (Husband and children overseas)
So here are my questions

1) if no one is around I'm not going to risk some sort of trance like state whereby I deliver myown baby, am I? ( I know this question highlights my ignorance of such things !images of me walking around like a chicken as if on some 1980s magic show!!)

2- do I need to go to a course or can I download an app.
Can you recommend a good app?

I am genuinely interested after searching a few threads about it!
Thank you!!

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LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Sat 09-Jan-16 19:12:57

It really isn't like stage hypnotism. More like focus and deep relaxation. You won't be in a trance or anything like that, don't worry!

justonemorethread Sat 09-Jan-16 19:31:06

I'm sure! It's just that what with being on my own at the moment I suddenlyhave a fear of not being in ccontrol. If I go in to. Labour I'm worried I might panic. Which is where hypnotherapy could help.
But just looked up courses in my area, best part of 300£ for two sessions!!!! Need to find a good download

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PeaceLoveAndMincePies Sat 09-Jan-16 19:34:02

I haven't done it myself, not my sort of thing, as you said yourself. But I understand your situation and think I'd be up for trying it if I were in your position. I believe there are audio CDs or downloads you should be listening to regularly before the birth to get plenty of practice in.
Best wishes.

justonemorethread Sat 09-Jan-16 19:53:59


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kienstra33 Sat 09-Jan-16 19:58:49

I did hypnobirthing with my first and had a good labour - it's more about preparing mentally so you are in a positive frame of mind - helps you to visualise and deal with the sensations as a positive thing - anything by Katherine Graves - books, cd's etc

SliceOfLime Sat 09-Jan-16 20:10:48

I had a cd that I listened to, I didn't go on a course (so probably didn't do it 'properly '!) And I would recommend it. I'm also very sceptical and laughed at the idea when I first heard of it, but it's not as wishy washy as it sounds - it's basically about training you to relax your mind and body even when in a lot of pain. I found in my first labour - which was back-to-back and constant agony for 24hrs (no let up between contractions at all) - the pain was so intense that it triggered a sort of fight or flight panic response and at the beginning i just kept tensing up and thinking "I can't do this I can't do this". Then when my mum confiscated the gas and air and told me off for swearing I managed to remember the hypnobirthing stuff and sort of forced my mind and body to relax and accept what was happening. Hard to describe really. It didn't stop the pain and I was not in a trance at all, I was just able to endure it and accept it rather than fighting it.

My second labour was much shorter and not back to back so the pain was different but I did use the same techniques and it helped.

You just need a cd and you listen to it as often as you can from about 30 weeks ish, I think I did it every other day more or less.

SliceOfLime Sat 09-Jan-16 20:13:53

This is the cd I had hypnobirthing cd

justonemorethread Sat 09-Jan-16 20:57:43

Thanks I listened to the sample from the website it actually is very soothing, if nothing else! Don't have CD player at the moment so found the website and it sells the downloads. Hoping they will work on my old tablet!

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soundsystem Sat 09-Jan-16 21:01:15

I had the Maggie Howell book and MP3s (

It definitely is more relaxation/visualisation, being calm and knowing you can cope - no pretending to be a chicken! I wouldn't say you need to do a course, especially as it's not your first you'll have a pretty good idea of what's invovled/how you'll be so you should be able to pick bits that you think will work.

It definitely did help me feel in control so I'd say its worth a shot!

BearFoxBear Sat 09-Jan-16 21:04:31

I did a course and it was brilliant, I would recommend getting the Marie Mongan book if nothing else. A friend of a friend who did the course before me gave birth alone at home with no problem, so that should tell you how good it can be! I put a lot of time into practicing breathing techniques and relaxation, and this is really important. Good luck!

minipie Sat 09-Jan-16 21:25:10

I had the Maggie Howell book, never got round to any CDs etc, I found it very helpful in labour. I wasn't so much into the visualisations and self hypnotism, the bits I found useful were the more "physical" bits about how the contractions expand the uterus and why you should relax into and accept the pain rather than tensing up. Also the bits about feeling safe, needing low light and quiet, and using counting to manage getting through contractions.

One thing I would say is that if this is your third birth I would not expect a long labour at home... it may happen very quickly so even if you are managing the contractions well (using hypnobirthing or otherwise), do get yourself to the hospital before it's too late! In fact you might even want to plan for a homebirth if you have any history of fast labours?

justonemorethread Sat 09-Jan-16 21:32:42

Thank you all hoping my Maggie Howell download will work. Minipie my labours were not massively long, about 8 hours from first contractions ( never worked out which bit counts as active labour?). However I am renting temporary accommodation as I've come to UK to deliver so home birth not an option. Hopefully my husband will get here in time!!

Think I'll just get myself to hospital and hope they admit me as soon as poss.
I am trying hard to stay calm and I do have friends and in laws not too far away.

Thanks you all for the recommendations!

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