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BelleMairead2 Wed 06-Jan-16 20:26:43

I am pregnant with my first and would love a home birth. My fiancé is nervous about it and would rather we plan for a hospital birth. I would love some positive home birth stories to share with him!

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LumpySpaceCow Wed 06-Jan-16 21:19:47

Start with
Loads of information on there.

Trumpette Wed 06-Jan-16 21:30:43

My daughter was born at home over ten years ago. She was my first child and I fought all the way to have a home birth. I found the local midwifery team reluctant to support this initially as I had never given birth before. My advice would be do your research, read around the issue, do all you can to help yourself (exercise, relaxation and I found yoga helpful). I became so unhappy with the local midwife team I employed an independent midwife and my daughter was born at home in a birthing pool. I had no pain relief or stitches and was back in my own bed that night. It was wonderful.

My second child was not so straight forward (he was breech) but
I delivered him vaginally with no pain relief or tearing etc and the hospital midwives confirmed that my first birth enabled this!

It is not all blood and guts, do not be put off by the negativity of others especially as it is your first baby. Trust your body and yourself!

My partner was initially sceptical but still says it is the most amazing thing her has ever seen!

Good luck x

MarlenaGru Wed 06-Jan-16 21:38:45

I really wish I had stuck to my guns and had my first at home, but DH was reluctant. He realised, in hindsight, the overly medicalised situation and poor care I received in hospital contributed to me needing a lot of intervention and a lot of mental stress afterwards.

My second was booked to be a homebirth but my waters had meconium in them so I had to go to hospital. Despite that it was a much better experience as the midwives respected me not wanting as much intervention and they helped me to be as active as possible despite the monitoring needed.

I would not hesitate to book a home birth if I am lucky enough to have a third. The one on one care was 100% better than my first experience.

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