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Is this normal or should I expect better?!

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OrangeyBeehive Wed 06-Jan-16 15:51:20

Hi all,

40+4 today and had high blood pressure throughout pregnancy. Have been sent to my hospital's ante natal day care unit by my community midwife for monitoring three times in two weeks, the last time being Monday when they declared me high risk (due to raised blood pressure and plus for protein in urine) and said they were booking me in for induction today. They said there was no chance it wouldn't happen today as I'm being classed as high risk.

Was told to call delivery suite at 8am today to get a time to go in. Did so but was told they were very busy and they'd ring me later with a time. Didn't hear anything so rang again at midday and spoke to someone else, who said she would speak to the induction midwife and get back to me within an hour, but reiterated that they were really busy and didn't want me to come in until they knew I'd receive the correct care (which I completely agree with). Still not heard anything nearly 4 hours later - if I hadn't called earlier I doubt anyone would have been in touch with me since I first rang at 8am.

I understand there will be other mums who are a priority but I now feel very anxious and stressed, hardly the best thing for raised BP!! I know inductions and C sections are often postponed and put back a day or two - it's the not knowing that is frustrating and the lack of communication when I was told it would definitely be today!!

Is this standard practice and any advice on what to do now? I could ring again but don't want to seem like a pest (and also a bit interested to see how long it will take them to call me) - baby's movements are fine today so not worried just getting more nervous / anxious! Arrrgh!

OrangeyBeehive Wed 06-Jan-16 15:57:45

Just realised thread title makes me sound like a bit of an entitled arse - "is this normal and what should I do now?!" would have been better!!

Wombat87 Wed 06-Jan-16 16:16:18

I'd ring em again at 4.30 and just explain that you need to make arrangements if they're expecting you to come in today. You know they are busy and are sorry to ask again. End of the day they'll know you're a bit anxious so I doubt they'd think badly of you. Good luck!

OrangeyBeehive Wed 06-Jan-16 16:51:52

Thanks Wombat - followed your advice and they have a bed now so going in shortly. Intrigued now as to how long I would have waited for them to get in touch if I hadn't called! But the main thing is that it's sorted and hopefully things will get going soon. Eek!

CharmingChampignon Wed 06-Jan-16 19:18:28

Good luck!

EsmesBees Wed 06-Jan-16 19:20:06

Well done. Sometimes being a bit pushy is the only way. Best of luck!

Wombat87 Fri 08-Jan-16 19:36:49

OP just saw your reply! Hope it all went well!!! thanksthanks

totty12mum Sat 09-Jan-16 08:14:50

Took 3 days for them to eventually call me in, the call came at 11.30pm. Arrived at hospital waited over an hour to speak to someone. They then started talking about pessary (I was starting from water being broken for various reasons.) I asked if they had read my notes they admitted they hadn't. Rushed off to look. Came back and said I needed to go home and wait for call again. I refused as I felt by that point that the safely of my baby was at risk. Said I was happy to go to any hospital within a couple of hours drive but wanted the induction. After much discussion I was admitted and induced the next morning. Seems to be a common issue. Hope all went ok when you got in!

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