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Can I still have a spinal Block if I have a bulging disc?

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zippyswife Sun 03-Jan-16 00:14:13

I'm due for an elcs at the end of the month. I'm yet to speak to the anaesthetist but I'm worried that I won't be able to have a spinal block due to a bulging disc in my back. I'm worried that I will have to have general Anaesthetic for the elcs. Anyone any experience of this?

Daysleeper1985 Sun 03-Jan-16 00:59:07

Yes, I've DDD, osteoporosis and a bulging disk at L4/5. You should be absolutely fine, but they will do a quick assessment on your back at the anaesthesia appt. Where they put the block in is about half way between a bra strap and the top of your pelvis, which is out of the way for the majority of people with a disk bulge x

zippyswife Sun 03-Jan-16 08:12:23

Oh that's much higher than my problem disc I think. Many thanks for putting my mind at ease a bit.

Daysleeper1985 Sun 03-Jan-16 23:40:08

Yes it's a lot higher up than I had thought too!

Only word of advice is to mentally prepare for it. I hadn't actually thought about it as a procedure so I ended up being held down/full panic attack (first one ever!) It was fine of course, and they know what they are doing but Im you'll understand the sentiment - when it comes to backs, no one comes near! Try to trust them more than I did smile

zippyswife Mon 04-Jan-16 18:44:30

Yes I had a spinal block too with previous c section and was pretty freaked out (hasn't really even considered it before I got in there!!). So I know what you mean!

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