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have Elcs booked for breech, has anyone had it refused?

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turkeysandwishes Fri 01-Jan-16 22:54:07

In my notes it says
'if breech for cs, if head down, give choice vb or cs'
I'm booked in for 11 days time and I'm panicking that the drs on the day will refuse my elcs despite what my regular consultant has written in my notes.
This is dc4 and my last birth has put me off for life, on paper all went smoothly but I felt traumatised by the pain and out of control nature of it, despite it being my third labour. I never want to do it again.
This baby has been always been flexed breech, he has never been head down but now I'm paranoid about his position in case he moves head down. sad
Has anyone any experience in this situation?

TheHouseOnTheLane Sat 02-Jan-16 07:37:59

How far gone are you? If it's almost time, then ask for an elective date...get booked in!

I had to do this with DD2. I'd had an emergency CS with DD1 who was spine to spine and massive...turned out I've got a very narrow for next baby I insisted on an elective and a date for it too.

I knew it would be the same again...sure enough, another massive baby, spine to spine...she'd physically not have fitted out...ask.

pullthecracker Sat 02-Jan-16 07:45:29

They won't refuse it, don't worry, you've got it documented in your notes and they won't go against that. It's your choice, and as long as you've had every option explained to you, it's your choice. I'm a midwife, and have never seen an on call dr go against a woman's own consultant.

turkeysandwishes Sat 02-Jan-16 09:36:06

Thank you so much for your replies, I have a date House I was just worried that the choice would be taken away.
Pull that's so reassuring to hear, I think I need to calm down and try to relax a bit now, 10 days to go!

tethersend Sat 02-Jan-16 09:47:34

DD1 and 2 were both breech, so had elcs with both.

I was booked in quite far in advance for DD2 and she was breech all the way through. Until the morning of the elcs. When she turned.

When the doctors scanned me before going into theatre, they announced this fact as if I'd won the lottery- isn't this great? You can have a natural birth!

From the icy stare of horror, I think they understood where I was coming from, but I made it very clear that I was going in to have this baby NOW, and they didn't resist.

It might be worth talking to your consultant and giving your reasons for wanting an elcs aside from the breech position- otherwise they may assume that, given the right circumstances, you'd rather have a natural birth IYSWIM?

turkeysandwishes Sat 02-Jan-16 10:17:53

It's all over my notes how I suffer with anxiety and how I found my last labour horrific, I've been in tears every time I've seen him, which has been a lot due to regular growth scans and he was very happy to write that I could have the choice on the day if baby turns head down.
It's great to hear that you still got your elcs tethersend I am paranoid that I will get turned away on the day.
I think will be glad when this pregnancy is over, I just want my baby now!

fishcake84 Sat 02-Jan-16 10:26:56

IME as a junior doctor in the obs department, I have seen booked breech LSCS be offered a VB if head down on the day, but I've never seen someone be told they now can't have their section due to it.

The only caveat would be if you go spontaneously into labour before your date. If that happens, get straight into hospital and tell them you are a booked section. If you labour quickly and baby is really close to arriving vaginally, as long as you are progressing well, chances are they will deliver vaginally. It is safer for you and baby to do that if you are already 'almost there'.

tethersend Sat 02-Jan-16 10:27:47

You'll be fine- especially from what you've said, there's no way they'll turn you away. As a PP said, they won't go against consultant's recommendations.

Hope all goes wellsmile

tethersend Sat 02-Jan-16 10:29:42

" If you labour quickly and baby is really close to arriving vaginally, as long as you are progressing well, chances are they will deliver vaginally. It is safer for you and baby to do that if you are already 'almost there'."

Fishcake, is that true for a baby in the breech position?

fishcake84 Sat 02-Jan-16 10:39:45

tethers it depends on literally how close the baby is to arriving. If the bum is about to appear, and the doctor judges that a few pushes will have it out, then yes, much safer than suddenly having to call an emergency section.

fishcake84 Sat 02-Jan-16 10:46:35

Posted too soon

If you are still in early stages of labour and baby is nice and high, they will more than likely follow the wishes of you and your consultant and do a section. Bear in mind though, it WILL be counted as an emergency section and unless baby is in distress it will not be a super high priority. So, for example, if you are labouring and they doctors are busy doing another emergency etc, you will have to wait. As this is DC 4 for the OP, there is a half decent chance of labour progressing quite quickly in the meantime...

Long and short of it is, baby not that likely to turn now anyway at 37+ weeks; if baby turns, just say you still want the section; if your waters break or you go into spontaneous labour get your are into hospital early and make your feelings in why you want a section very clear. You'll be fine OP smile

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