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if I go into labour with a cough and a cold will it harm my newborn?

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Bovnydazzler Wed 30-Dec-15 07:16:00

My toddler DS was quite poorly with croup over the last few days, he's still coughing a fair bit but definitely on the mend.

I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant (my waters broke with DS at 39+4). Since yesterday eve/this morning I have seemingly caught his virus with a sore throat and no voice.

I'm obviously not relishing labour whilst being poorly (or coughing afterwards with stitches etc), but most worried for passing anything onto my newborn. Anyone been in this position? Did newborn end up catching virus? From what I've read it seems that if I am still ill in labour, I won't already the antibodies in my system to pass to my newborn to protect him.

Just trying to ignore the cramps/Brixton hicks ramp ups over the past few days and hoping to go past my due date to recover!

Any stories welcome.

kktpj Wed 30-Dec-15 07:27:51

No you won't pass it on. I was like this. No stitches thankfully but absolutely exhausted with coughing so stayed in hospital for an extra night.

Bovnydazzler Wed 30-Dec-15 07:37:45

Glad to hear you didn't pass it on to baby, thanks for replying. Aware it won't make the birth more fun but can't be helped!

feeona123 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:09:47

I had the worst cough ever, coughing broke my waters! Baby was fine, took another week for my cough to go!

Hurt downstairs every time I coughed and I had no stitches.

KatyN Thu 31-Dec-15 16:20:10

I've just come through labour wth a bit of a cough... Apparently it was quite helpful during my examinations! Little one is fine but boy is it scary when I cough and my stitches rattle!
Good luck, hope you feel better soon kx

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