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Avoiding brow presentation again!

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Thatwartymelon Tue 29-Dec-15 20:35:48

Evening All, I am after some advice.

I've just found out I'm pregnant with DC3-fab!! Already my mind is turning to childbirth (all being well as I am only 6weeks).

DC1 was a straightforward normal delivery 12 days late,within 24 hours. No dramas.

DC2 was 14 days late, went into spontaneous labour for 3 days, contractions came and went and never really got going, about 15 mins together at 8cm dilated. So put on drip to 10cm.Then after pushing for 3 hours they decide to take me to theatre for forceps delivery and realise DC was brow presentation and his heart trace was plummeting so do EMCS.

This time I would be keen for a VBAC. What I don't want is a repeat of DC2 birth. If a magic fairy told me it would be the same I'd book a section. But I found it incredibly difficult to recover from so I really don't want another one. So what I am wondering is: can they check for brow presentation in the weeks leading up? Could baby still tuck its chin down to present correctly? Would it be worth having a private presentation scan?

Sorry for going on. All advice gratefully received. Thank you

laulea82 Thu 07-Jan-16 16:59:23

Hello. I realise this is a late response!
I had a brow presentation baby and emergency c section last time. On advice I'm having an elective section this time due to the damage caused internally.
I have been told that a brow presentation is very rare and that there is no higher risk than normal or if happening again. I was told that some theorise that it could be the shape of your pelvis which causes it. However as You have had one normal delivery too so if all is equal in your circumstances I would go for vbac.
There is no way of checking in advance. My dd was only brow presented whilst pushing and there was no way of knowing that would happen.
Good luck.

Thatwartymelon Thu 07-Jan-16 18:15:08

Hi Laulea, thank you for your reply. Can I ask if your internal damage was more than the usual for a c-section? How did you find out about it - was it after delivery of your DC1 or more recently when discussing your future birth options? I'm just wondering if it could apply to me.

I'm well into researching vbac after brow presentations so all info is great fully received. Got the MW appointment tmr and I've got a massive list of questions for them!

laulea82 Thu 07-Jan-16 18:31:31

Hello. Yes I was told at the time by the surgeon that it was a very technically difficult section because I was a push or two away from delivery at the time and baby had to pushed back up. She then and there suggested I not try for vbac if we chose to have another. When I met with consultant at 16 weeks this time she suggested the same due to a tear in my uterus which had extended through to the round ligament. So my risk of rupture is too high. The cause of the tear was the late stage in which I had the section- not the brow presentation. But then the section was only needed due to the brow if that makes sense. I have about a 50/50 chance of an emergency section which could lead to more tears and possibly hysterectomy. You need to make sure the consultant that advises you has fully read your notes from last time - including the notes made during and after surgery. You can ask to see these too and look for signs in those notes which are referred to in the rcog guidelines.

Thatwartymelon Thu 07-Jan-16 18:46:44

Gosh, poor you. Yes good advice re getting my notes. My dad is in the industry so I will get him to read through as well. Thanks for your help

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