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When to ask for induction?

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Spudlet Thu 17-Dec-15 06:19:15

Am 40+3 and struggling hugely (first - and last - pregnancy). Have had mild to moderate SPD / PGP for weeks but since Saturday it has really gone up a gear or three, to the point that I can barely move. Have been awake all night as it is impossible to lie down. Tried sleeping in the glider chair, but as soon as I sit back I get stabbing pains in my cervix and false contractions. So have varied between sitting bolt upright, and kneeling on the floor leaning on the stool. Not the most restful night.

Midwife performed a sweep on Tuesday but nothing has happened - last night we tried a bit of home induction (which I think aggravated my pelvis though DH was v gentle and I didn't think I'd opened my legs too far) and I had a couple of contractions but again they have come to nowt.

At the back (ok front) of my mind is that soon enough I'll have a newborn to care for, and at this rate I won't be in any fit state to do it... Midwife told me I could ring the hospital at any time and go in to see the doctors and make a plan. But that means giving up on having use of the pool, and possibly ending up with a OBEM-style nightmare birth...

Help me think, I'm frazzled and sad and tired and I don't know what to do for the best sad

LumpySpaceCow Thu 17-Dec-15 08:53:17

I really feel for you. I'm 30 weeks and have been suffering with pgp since about ten weeks- it's a real struggle. Practical things that can help are resting, sleeping with pillow between legs, when turning at night keeping legs together (I consciously have yo wake up to do this and my pelvis makes a minging grinding/crunching noise), getting out of car like a 'lady'- keeping legs together and turning before getting out, paracetamol, heat packs, lavender baths. Sex wise either doggy or spooning.
I personally wouldn't want an induction (in spite of pain) as I think some things may make pgp worse - not being mobile, vaginal examinations, not being able to be in water....and I wouldn't want birth medicalised unless absolutely necessary.
However, you know your body and how you feel. It might make you feel better to book for an induction in say a week as you know there is an end in sight.
See if you can have a chat with your midwife to see what they recommend. Hope baby comes soon x x

TheGreenNinja Thu 17-Dec-15 09:03:32

I really feel for you, I had spd in my last pregnancy and it's horrendous. I went 18 days overdue with that one too. shock Had a lovely home water birth in the end though. The spd improved fairly quickly for me after birth - it was about a month before I could really walk any distance again. It can take a long time to get back to normal though.

Have you got a brace, and are you wearing it? I'm sure you know already but try and avoid anything which needs you to move your legs apart - don't get in and out of a bath 'normally' for example.

As for induction, I'd just speak to your midwife. I had an induction on the drip for my first, and was continuously monitored but was still able to be upright and mobile throughout, the midwives should support you in that but in some places you may need to be quite insistent. No chance of a water birth with induction though, I'm afraid.

jamtartandcustard Thu 17-Dec-15 09:09:35

I really feel for you, I'm 40+3 also and although I don't have spd etc, this is baby number 4 and my body in knackered and struggling.
Induction can lead to more complications as baby isn't ready yet (as much as we are). I would personally say try and hold out as looking after a newborn whilst recovering from a c-section or forceps etc would be even worse but obviously it's choice only you can make

DorotheaHomeAlone Thu 17-Dec-15 09:28:49

Having had a failed induction last year I really would recommend holding on if you can. I did 12 hours on the drip with no pain relief, then 10 with an epidural on board and didn't dilate at all. If you can wait til baby/body are ready it will probably be easier.

LumpySpaceCow Thu 17-Dec-15 09:34:57

With regards to induction, where I live they were trialling a pessary induction (the pessary is like a tampon) that they removed once in labour. You could then be transferred to midwifery led unit and have water birth etc. just as if you'd gone into labour spontaneously. See if they offer anything similar.

unimaginativename13 Thu 17-Dec-15 09:40:47

Just hold on in there!

Being strapped to a bed and internally examined and poked doesn't sound like it'll help! It won't be long X

Spudlet Thu 17-Dec-15 10:42:41

Omg Ninja, 18 days over! That would be my worst nightmare at the moment shock

Thank you so much for replying guys, with the aid of many pillows have just managed to get my head down on the sofa for a few hours, which has helped immensely. DH works from home so is here to look after me - so far he has got very cross indeed with the phone and has unplugged it so I won't be woken, and has also warded off our dog who wishes to join me on the sofa..!

I have seen the physio and have a brace, am doing all the keep your knees together malarkey, paracetamol etc - it's got noticeably more severe since Sprout (we didn't find out the sex, so Sprout is baby's working title) engaged - 2/5 at last appointment.

Having managed some sleep I feel a little less despairing and more rational - think we're going to see how today and tonight go, and hold on if I can as I really don't want to be induced... But I am terrified this isn't gong to go away afterwards and I'll be this crippled for life. The prospect does not appeal. I will see if they are willing to try the pessary but stop short of the drip - my understanding is that it's the drip that triggers the continuous monitoring etc and limits your options. I know my mum was induced at 38 weeks for me and my brother with pessaries only.

Perhaps it is all a cunning plan by Sprout to ensure they have no siblings and thus more chance of a pony / puppy / whatever the kids are after now... hmm

unimaginativename13 Thu 17-Dec-15 10:48:10

My induction has ensured that my next choice of sibling will be furry and four legged.

DorotheaHomeAlone Thu 17-Dec-15 10:48:52

Glad you're getting some rest. It drags for everyone at the end but the pain sounds really rough. I just wanted to add that even though the birth wasn't what I wanted and was not fun it mattered not a hot once baby was here. Sprout will be out very soon and you'll hopefully feel much better. Good luck.

Spudlet Thu 17-Dec-15 10:57:23

Unimaginative, I always suspected this kid would be a singleton, but now I know it! Will be looking for a nice working lab puppy. DH has even said he thinks we should get a horse as opposed to another baby so I might end up with a real menagerie grin. Should get that in writing from him...

Dorothea, as I see it the birth is the means to an end - the Sprout being out. I haven't liked pregnancy one bit so I don't expect to like labour either, just to get my head down and get through it. I just want to get on with it and start the process of getting better and getting to know my Sprout properly. smile

lilac3033 Thu 17-Dec-15 11:02:30

Try not to worry about after baby arrives, I didn't sleep for three nights before DD arrived. Then she arrived at 5am so didn't sleep that night and I really didn't sleep the next two nights either. I was just too wired and the post natal ward was noisy. I honestly didn't think I could handle that but I did. You will be amazed at how you cope. It isn't easy but you'll manage!

Spudlet Thu 17-Dec-15 22:48:07

Right - off to try and get some sleep. If tonight is a better night, great - we'll hang in there a bit longer. If not - time to start talking options, I think.

Night all.

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