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Hospital bag for c section, what to pack?

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SleepySlothFace Mon 14-Dec-15 22:20:02

I'm having an ELCS and was wondering if there's anything in particular I should be including in my hospital bag? Any ladies got any tips or must have items I should pack? What sort of clothes are best to wear after?

Also, probably a silly question but how many days can I expect to be in hospital? I was assuming 2 nights if all goes well (first baby) but don't know if that's a bit naive!

Duckdeamon Mon 14-Dec-15 22:25:16

They will probably boot you out as soon as they can!

The second time I took notes on what pain relief I was allowed (in case what you're given doesn't suit you) and when the nurses' ward rounds with tablets are! It can be hard to get meds in between.

Lots and lots and lots of baby clothes! My two went through loads.

The catheter is tricky to deal with at first: elastic waist, loose trousers seemed to work best.

Flip flops!

Leaving hospital with a short maternity dress with surgical stockings wasn't a great look!

Duckdeamon Mon 14-Dec-15 22:26:14

Plastic or laundry bag to put dirty stuff in.

lilwelshyrs Mon 14-Dec-15 22:46:39

I ended up being in for 4 nights due to my DS going to SCBU sad But actually I was glad I could stay a bit longer as I had some pain issues which would not have been solved at home!

I would recommend some comfy nighties to breastfeed in, slippers/flip flops for wondering around in and a dressing gown! I didnt bring a dressing gown and wore a hospital gown inside out instead!

Bring towels - old ones! I stupidly brought my white ones and of course covered them in blood! Nice. Also all your wash stuff - make use of the showers smile

Massive pants... Pants that come up to your waist so that you dont have any seams rubbing your scar. Same with trousers.

When i left, i wore maternity jogging bottoms and a nursing tshirt smile
Oh and bring a few nursing bras - minimum 2 - one for night time and one for every day smile


SleepySlothFace Tue 15-Dec-15 13:01:26

Thanks everyone, all added to the packing list!

Snoopadoop Tue 15-Dec-15 13:06:22

Big pants that will cover your scar. I had to send DH to get some because I had a emergency c section and the size of pants didn't pccur to me when I packed my bag.

cathpip Tue 15-Dec-15 13:21:47

Magazines and chocolate, there is only so long you can stare admiringly at your baby. I have just had my 4th section and they can release you after one night now but only if your pain is under control and you are mobile with good blood pressure.

superbfairywren Tue 15-Dec-15 13:36:52

Large knickers, comfy clothes that won't rub on wound, snacks and drinks you like, pillows to get comfortable, lots of wash stuff, old towels(they gave you them in our hospital because they knew you wouldn't want to cover your own in blood), peppermint teabags or capsules are really helpful if you have trapped wind(mine was excruciating after section for about a week).
Dont know if it depends what you have but i had a spinal and I wore a hospital gown for the section and afterwards until I could stand the following morning(was literally stuck to the bed, started to get feeling back overnight) when I showered(with help from dh) and wore a breastfeeding nighty which was luckily stretchy as I was still huge. I went home in the nighty with a big long Cardigan over it that night. I took stuff for two nights just in case but wanted to get home asap(ward was noisy and hot). As long as baby is okay and is feeding and you don't need more than painkillers they are happy for you to take at home they will let you go.
Good luck!

Abi0783 Thu 17-Dec-15 16:25:31

As you have to wear surgical stocking it's better to take slippers rather than flip flops.
I'm also having a Elcs on due date if baby doesn't come in the next few weeks due to Diabetes, and I remember first Emcs I couldn't sleep due to noise in the ward so ear plugs to drown out the noise and maybe eye mask if you like to sleep in darkness (although due to new born you may not get much sleep!)... If you get a seperate room then it will be much quieter.

It will be hard to move and bend and even get out of bed the first few days so things like loose fitting clothes that you can easily wear without moving too much... Tops with buttons to easily Bf if that's what you will be attempting. I've also bought a Feeding pillow to protect csection scar and support baby (not sure it will work but worth a shot) This time I've packed a mini suitcase with long handle as won't be able to bend to pick bag up if I need to get anything (last time I had to wait for hubby to do it)

I'm taking breast pads in case of leakage although last time I didn't have that problem... Also taking tummy band in case have to lift top to Bf so I'm not totally exposed on the ward

Your own sanitary pads although after c section I wasn't heavy at all so didn't have to bin any knickers but still taking some cheap primark knickers that I don't have to take home and wash as better then the disposable mothercare ones I had last time!

Hair grips, comb, wash bag with travel toiletries, hand towel

They won't let you get out of bed and remove catheter if your urine level and colour isn't what they expect so if you're not much of a water drinker take some squash to dilute.

Take soft tissues like Kleenex as I caught a cold before the Emcs last time and the paper there was horrible and nose became really sore (also Vaseline will help)

Maybe some snacks as you may miss food time like I did after the section so had to make do with a not so nice sandwich as the hospital canteen was closed by then and no nearby shops.

Other posters have mentioned all the other things so hope the above was useful!

SleepySlothFace Thu 17-Dec-15 22:54:08

Thanks for all the tips! Hopefully will be well prepared now! Good luck Abi with your section and lilwelsh meant to say in last post, hope all is well with your wee one now.

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