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hospital bag!

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Rianna1997 Wed 09-Dec-15 19:44:37

Hello all!
My first baby is due next month and I'm starting to think about packing my hospital bag! Only problem is I'm pretty clueless when it comes to what I'll need when in labour as I've never done this before hmm
Could anyone tell me please what I'll need to pack, I think I have the essentials sorted but quantities of stuff is a bit confusing! Also is there anything less common that some of you ladies took to hospital with you that you'd recommend?smile

trebleclef101 Wed 09-Dec-15 21:42:10

For me I needed: a comfy outfit (think nice stretchy pjs or similar as it's difficult to know what size you'll be straight after the birth) and cardigan to go over the top. If you are planning on breast feeding then something that opens easily at the front is a must.

Slippers that I could get on and off without bending over grin, towel, toiletries, magazines and a puzzle book for the stay in hospital, big comfy pants and maternity pads.

Phone and charger, and camera if you want (I just used my phone).

For the baby I needed: 2 or 3 vests and sleep suits with integral scratch mits, nappies (we took one pack of about 30 newborn size) and baby wipes, towel (this wasn't on the list provided by the hospital but when they bathed the baby they expected us to have bought one), 3 or 4 muslin squares.

Things I packed but didn't use: snacks and drinks (but I wasn't in labour very long at the hospital), a cute "going home" outfit for my DD - stick with all in one sleep suits at this age! Breast pads - I didn't need these until my milk came in a few days after the birth and I was home by then. Dressing gown - I wore a warm cardigan instead as the hospitals air-con was a bit enthusiastic.

I also packed too many clothes for myself - my OH was coming to the hospital from home each day and so could bring me extra clothes as I needed them.

If you're a light sleeper I would suggest a eye mask and ear plugs too - hospitals can be noisy places even at night!

trebleclef101 Wed 09-Dec-15 21:42:47

Hope this helps and good luck! flowers

Lj8893 Wed 09-Dec-15 21:44:49

I forgot a towel, and had to use a scratchy, thin hospital towel after I had a shower.

That first shower after birth just needs a big, fluffy towel!

PennyHasNoSurname Wed 09-Dec-15 21:49:09

Two labours, I took pretty much the same things both times:-

Maternity pads - two packs
Nappies - one pack
Wipes - one pack
three newborn sleepsuits
three newborn vests
a newborn cardi and hat
a swaddling cloth
a couple of muslin squares
a box of sma ready made formula in the tiny glass bottles (didnt first time as wanted to bf. hated it so took these for dc2)
a pair of fluffy bed socks
a pair of pjs
a nightie
a pair of leggings and a long tunic top
a few pairs of black knickers (bigger size incase of soreness)
wash kit
a hoodie
phone and charger

I froze a few bottles if water the weeks prior so we grabbed them as we left for the hospital.

Our hospital does great food so I wasnt worried about that.

Oh and we took a deck of cards which came in handy during the long labour with dc1, and whilst my labour with dc2 was a sneezebirth we had to stay in two days after (strep b) so played a fair few hands of Rummy in the ppstnatal ward.

frangipani13 Wed 09-Dec-15 21:56:44

Disposable pants from Amazon were great, a whole box of maternity pads, tea tree oil- a couple of drops in a sports bottle of warm water when you pee post birth is very soothing on stitches. I ended up in hospital for a week so packed an extra bag and left in dh's car boot containing extra clothes for baby, extra black pants, pack of nappies.

Rianna1997 Thu 10-Dec-15 09:19:55

Thanks everyone!smile

jamtartandcustard Thu 10-Dec-15 14:45:36

I've packed:
One pack maternity pads
10 breast pads
10 nappies (our hospital does provide them though)
Pack of baby wipes
2 bras
3 pairs of cheap knickers
Leggings and top in next size up from pre-preg
Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, flannel etc)
Small towel (pretty certain hospital provides but can't really remember)
3 sleep suits, 3 vests, cardi, hat and scratch mits for baby.
Bag for wet/dirty clothes.
Baby snowsuit will be kept with the car seat in the car.
If you have straightforward birth especially in the morning they like to discharge you after 6hours so you don't need to pack loads

lilac3033 Thu 10-Dec-15 15:39:53

A couple additional things...
For labour I had frozen bottles of lucozade sport, it was excellent as it meant I always had a cold drink.
I had a couple cereal bars, that DP would occasionally give me small bites of.
After delivery a wee spray bottle of witch hazel was heavenly on swollen bits! Just sprayed it on the maternity pads.

doodlejump1980 Thu 10-Dec-15 15:44:34

I've posted this list before! Hope it helps! (I had twins hence some of the quantities!)


If you have an upstairs consider setting up a changing station downstairs as well as in the baby’s room. This is particularly useful in the post-birth aches and restricted movement.
You will need:
Changing mat. Wipes (We use waterwipes – “The world’s purest wipes”, no nasty chemicals and usually on offer at, trust me, cotton wool and water are a FAFF not-to-mention double dunking?! Ick!). Nappy sacks. Sudocream. Nappies. If you have a boy, consider investing in many face-cloths to cover their bits and to catch the inevitable fountains…
We bought a TommeeTippee sangenic tub which is great – you do end up with a poo sausage, but it seals everything up and doesn’t smell.

Our boys were in their Moses Baskets until about 6months. So there’s no huge rush to buy a cot/ cot bed.
You will need:
Fitted sheets (x2 or 3), cellular blankets, Moses basket and rockable stand (we got ours in Argos). The Moses baskets are great because you can move them round the house. Baby monitor – for when you put them in a darkened room to stop them screaming!

You will need:
Car seat, ISOFIX base. (Much safer than seatbelts as it attaches to the cassis of your car). Pram, we found one that we could attach the car seats to the frame which is useful when you don’t want to wake up the baby! Slings, wait until baby is here – some babies hate them, and they run a sling library at the library where you can try before you buy. Changing bag.

You will need:
Steriliser, bottles (size 1 teats), bottle brush, pre-made formula packs for the hospital (although they will give you some). MUSLINS. You cannot have enough muslins. Breast pads. Formula (we use SMA).
Nursing bra (get fitted from about 34 weeks), Lansinoh nipple cream (expensive but essential, and lasts for ages). Muslins. Notepad to log feeding times (trust me your brain will be fuzz). Don’t worry about pumps etc for expressing, if needs be, the hospital has a pump.

Trust me you will get LOADS of clothes as gifts, so you only need to buy a few essential items to get you going.
Sleepsuits with integral scratch-mitts. X6
Bodysuits/vests x6
Pramsuit/ snowsuit to wrap them up in to take them home.
Hats x2
Maternity wards are usually ROASTING, you won’t need cardigans, socks or clothes other than sleepsuits.

Baby bath and support seat.
Oilatum (you can get this on prescription from your GP)
Cotton wool / buds
Dentinox cradlecap shampoo
A jug

Baby bouncer / Jumparoo – not needed until 4+ months
Playmat, again not interested in it until 2+ months
Nightlight. Nope. Our babies sleep best in total darkness.
Cot/ cot-bed. No rush, they'll be in their Moses baskets for a wee while first.

Granny pants (lots of), nursing bras, front-opening nighties, dressing gown, waterproof flip-flops (for standing in the hospital shower), a going-home outfit (you will still have a bump, so something loose and stretchy), socks, yoga bottoms, nursing/ maternity tops.
Maternity pads (you will need LOTS of these, I liked the boots ones. Don’t get normal sanitary pads, it you have to have stitches, the cover of them can get attached… Yeouch - sorry if that's TMI!), breast pads, lip balm (hospital air is really hot and dry) strepsils/throat sweeties (gas & air gives you a really dry sore throat), shower stuff, hair bobbles, hairdryer, toothbrush/toothpaste, glasses, flannels for cooling you down mid-labour (magicool mist is also very good), carrier bags for dirty washing, lansinoh cream, hair-band, peppermint tea t-bags.
Car seats (only need for the day you go home!) camera and charger, phones and chargers, cereal bars/ snacks. Money for vending machines / canteen. Headphones, eye-mask, change of clothes for Dad (he will get puked on, pooed on, plus it’s good for skin-to-skin contact for him), book/kindle, tissues, notepad and pen, moist loo roll, facial wipes, bump support belt.
Nappies (SIZE1), Wipes. Nappy sacks. Travel change mat (you usually get one in your changing bag). Muslins. Sudocream. Vests x6, sleepsuits x6, hats x2, Pramsuit. Cuddly toy. Bibs. You don’t need to take in your own blankets (apart from one to go over the legs of baby in the carseat on day of departure. They’ll only get mixed up (and never seen again) with the hospital blankets.)

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