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induction due to rfm

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Jellybean17 Sun 06-Dec-15 12:55:21

I'm 17 and 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby, since 24 weeks I've had continued episodes of rfm (7 separate episodes).
I've had 3 scans since 28 weeks and the most recent scan showed very little weight gain and no growth from babys FL. Ive also had consist and pelivic gurdle pain to a point I have been unable to all or attend college or even leave the house on many occasions.
I can deal with he pain as i just take it easy but the worry about rfm is starting to really get to me, I'm not sleeping trying to stay up to feel movements and I'm being sick and feeling weak every day due to stress.
I have to go to hospital every single day for ctgs and that has been going on for the last week or so, I had a consultant appointment on Friday and there was some discussion of an induction but very vagie no dates mentioned etc.

My question is has anyone else experienced what I am and if so what was the outcome for you and baby? Has anyone been induced due to rfm?
I'm just so worried i dont know what else todo.

UtterlyClueless Sun 06-Dec-15 13:01:43

I was induced due to RFM they also said my baby wasn't growing and would need care due to being very small (I was scanned every 2 weeks)

I went in on a Tuesday has the gel at 10:45 and then didn't have it again I had a pessary the next day and had my son at 23:57 on the Tuesday - my baby was 8lb and very long! So they were very wrong.

I didn't use any pain relief at all and had back to back contractions from an hour after my first lot of the gel.

Good luck you'll be fine!

Jellybean17 Sun 06-Dec-15 13:03:54

How many weeks were you when they induced you??

UtterlyClueless Sun 06-Dec-15 13:04:57

They said I was 36 but with his weight I don't think I was

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