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Episiotomy question

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Lemonfizzypop Sun 06-Dec-15 10:04:22

A lovely Sunday morning episiotomy enquiry for you, you're very welcome...
Had Dd 4 weeks ago with a midline episiotomy, everything has healed pretty much ok apart from one hole in the stitches which is still quite stingy and sore and doesn't seem to want to heal. I've had a look and it looks a bit red but there's no signs of infection.

So should I bother going to the gp or just wait for my postnatal check in a few weeks? It's not really bothering me that much, it doesn't restrict anything I'm doing physically (I mean apart from running and sex etc obviously!!) Has anyone else had a hole in their stitches? I know is quite common and they normally just let it heal itself rather than restitching. How long did it take to heal?

ShebaShimmyShake Sun 06-Dec-15 11:58:00

Go to the doctor if you're at all worried. It's what they're there for.

Lemonfizzypop Sun 06-Dec-15 14:54:33

I know, just wondered about other people's experiences of healing times as I'm not overly worried and have checkup in a couple of weeks anyway.

stairway Sun 06-Dec-15 17:20:44

Most of the outside stitches of mine fell out. It took longer to heal but did heal perfectly in the end.
You mention it is red. I would still see a Dr just in case if infection as it won't heal with an infection in place.
A midline is quite unusual these days.

kinkytoes Sun 06-Dec-15 17:22:41

My stitches didn't fall out on their own my gp had to manually cut them out (ouch!) but it healed better after that. You might want to have them checked out.

BifsWif Sun 06-Dec-15 17:24:14

My stitches came out on their own and I healed nicely. If you're at all concerned i would get checked.

icklekid Sun 06-Dec-15 17:24:40

I had mine checked when gaping every week by nurse to check healing OK. Helped my wellbeing however if your not in pain and not worried you don't have to.

Ughnotagain Sun 06-Dec-15 17:25:34

I'd go to the GP now if I were you. If it is infected, they may need to take a swab to determine the right antibiotics to give you, and that can take a few days (I speak from experience).

If it's any consolation my stitches came apart completely and I had an infection, and as they don't restitch I had to just let it heal by itself. I thought it never would but DD is 6 months now and I'd say it's pretty much back to normal. It's felt healed for about two months I'd say.

But with mine the first lot of antibiotics they gave me didn't clear up the infection completely. When I went to the docs for the second lot it felt similar to what you describe here - redness, bit stingy, but nothing too unbearable. Second lot of antibiotics healed it right up.

Lemonfizzypop Sun 06-Dec-15 18:09:05

Thanks everyone I'll try and get an appointment tomorrow then just to check it's not infected.

I didn't know midlines were unusual, they might've done one because of the position she came out (sideways and hand up by her face-ouch).

Lemonfizzypop Sun 06-Dec-15 18:11:05

The only reason I was hesitant to go is because it's such a tiny hole in the stitches but it has been there for a while now!

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