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Requesting an ELCS

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Coldand Sat 05-Dec-15 15:56:25

Hi everyone have been looking at all the threads since my first EMCS and researching loads.
I even hired a doula. Was quite ready for a VBAC. However my cousin recently lost her full term baby due to uterine rupture. This has really scared me. The low but I guess that doesn't matter if you are the one. The midwife is really pushibv me to have VBAC as I dilated fully last time with a quick labour but baby got distressed at last moment.

At what point can I request ELCS. I am 14 weeks now

LumpySpaceCow Sat 05-Dec-15 19:28:12

Sorry to hear about your cousin's baby. It is so understandable that this has frightened you. Was she having a vbac when this happened?
Each hospital will differ but I am seeing the consultant at 36 weeks to discuss everything and tell her what I want to do. If I choose another elcs, then she will schedule it then for 39 weeks. Even then, if I decide vbac but change my mind, I would just ring and book.
I have been quite lucky as my midwives don't push for one or the other (which also makes deciding more difficult for me!).
When do you see your consultant? I would discuss everything with them. Just smile and thank the MW for her advice but if you want an elcs, then tell the consultant when you next see them x x

Bodicea Sat 05-Dec-15 21:42:41

The midwives shouldn't be "pushing you" you into anything. As the previous poster said discuss your fears with your consultant. It is perfectly reasonable to have an elective section after an emergency section.

Coldand Sat 05-Dec-15 22:31:56

Thank you both. LumpyspaceCow (love your username) yes unfortunately she too was pushed into a VBAC. I k ow you can't predict these things but she is going through an awful time and feeling a lot of regret as the baby was perfect.

I am actually having a mess of a time with my GPs as they have yet to send my referral to the hospital i want to go to. I am about to go ape shit on them. They have messed me about so much. I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks and saw a midwife finally at 11 weeks after a lot of trouble as they didn't have appointments.

The midwife said I need to see GP to refer me to hospital and a week later I see GP. A week later yesterday I called up hospital and they have not received anything off the GP.

So frustrated. Thanks for advice.

Coldand Sat 05-Dec-15 22:32:59

I had to pay for a private dating scan which placed me at 14 weeks so have missed the window for nuchal translucency test.

LumpySpaceCow Sun 06-Dec-15 04:43:45

Sorry you're having a tough time being referred. I can't believe how difficult it is for some people! Why your midwife can't just do it I don't know as you should be consultant led as you are now classed as 'high risk'. Our GPs don't get involved round here. Regarding the nt test, if it's something that you wanted then I would complain (make it a double complaint with the GP!). Contact PALS. I have always found that within the NHS, those who speak the loudest get heard and a quicker response. Supervisors of midwives are big round here and can also sort most things, if you're struggling with gp then speak to her.
You can still have the other blood test (quadruple test I think it's called) up until 19 weeks I think so request that if it's something you want.
I really hope you get sorted and I am sure you will x

LastOneDancing Sun 06-Dec-15 04:55:40

I have had 2 discussions about this - one at my 12 week scan, then at a 'VBAC clinic' and I'm going back again at 34 weeks to make a final decision.
My local trust seems very easygoing though - I've been assured all along its my decision which seems unusual from stories on here. TBH I wish here was a push in ether direction, it feels like a huge decision.

At present I'm going to try for VBAC, as I've done some reading and looked at some stats etc etc but in your position I can totally understand wanting ELCS - how awful for your cousin.

Bodicea Sun 06-Dec-15 09:38:53

That is shocking coldand I can't believe their incompetence has caused you to miss your window. You could opts for for a private blood test if you are very worried such as the serenity or harmony test. (The serenity test just needs a blood test you don't have to pay for a complimentary scan so keeps costs down). It is a lot more accurate than combined screen on nhs anyway.

Boosiehs Sun 06-Dec-15 09:49:06

My consultant has been great.

Had terrible forceps delivery with DS1 and ended up staying in for several days and blood transfusion. Still suffering after effects.

Requested ELCS this time at 12 wk appt and everyone has been fine.

The consultant even said if I go into labour go to hospital immediately and they will still give me the cs. He specifically said to tell the midwives that he had agreed to ELCS if they try to pressure me into vaginal delivery.

Very pleased and relieved!!

Hope you get what you want OP.

CorBlimeyTrousers Sun 06-Dec-15 10:03:04

The delay meaning you have missed the window for a screening test sounds rubbish. I'd definitely complain about that.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. How sad and I can understand it's made you worried even though the overall chances of a uterine rupture are low.

In terms of requesting an ELCS my understanding of NICE guidelines is that you should be able to have one if you want one. I was worried about this too. What happened to me was that I kept saying I wanted an ELCS every time the subject of the birth came up. No one would promise me but no one said no either. In early pregancy they said 'we don't make a decision now as a lot can change' (which is true). At 32 weeks (I think) I had an appointment with a VBAC midwife. I listened to what she said but still wanted an ELCS. When I saw a consultant at 36 weeks I said again I wanted a CS and he said 'ok' and we arranged a date. So I was worried about it for a long time and no one would commit but in the end it was easy.

Good luck getting what you want. I think your reasons are very understandable even if 'statistically' your risk is no different to what it was before.

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