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C-sections and endometriosis

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SleepySlothFace Thu 03-Dec-15 21:44:29

Was wondering if anyone with endometriosis has experience of a c-section and if they found it worsened their endo?

Previously posted about whether to go for ELCS based on medical grounds (non endo reason) and was leaning towards section but have read that it can make endometriosis worse so was hoping to hear some other ladies experiences

gemsparkle84 Fri 04-Dec-15 08:26:35

My friend had a section she has endo. She ended up with a section because her baby was breech. The surgeon who did it stated to her that he could see lots of the endo all around as he was repairing her tum and burnt lots of it away for her. As far as I know she has had no worsening of symptoms.

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