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Feel like my body is ready for birth, but baby isn't having any of it..

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3timesascrazy Mon 30-Nov-15 12:07:11

Warning! Lots of self pity below

I'm not due yet, so shouldn't be moaning! however the prospect that this could carry on for weeks is not a welcoming thought.

I am currently 36+2 with dc3. at 32 weeks I had a trip the labour ward because of regular mild yet definite contractions (not my usual braxton hicks) 4 minutes apart for a good few hours, these appeared on the monitor but no changes to cervix so sent home and luckily things faded out.

Since 35 weeks this has happened every day, it starts as braxton hicks then the level of intensity increases late afternoon until I go to bed. They last 45-50 seconds and 4-5 minutes apart and are accompanied by lower back pain, restlessness and lots of 'number 2's' blush This is how both my previous labours started but obviously turned into actual labour.

I know this isn't labour (and would like baby to hold on a little while yet) but its driving me insane! Im sure lots of others are going through this so hand holding and chocolate this way please. My dd's are toddlers and I'm beyond exhausted, at least I can be comfortable whilst I'm awake all night once baby is actually here!

Sleepybunny Mon 30-Nov-15 20:33:06

chocolate and brew For you.

I had a false start exactly as you decribed at 38 weeks. It's not fun and leaves you feeling so deflated, not to mention exhausted.

Hope you don't have to wait too much longer

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