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Essex mums - Where to give birth.. colchester, chelmsford or st peter's maldon?

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mellmumma Fri 27-Nov-15 10:01:22

Hi all,

So I am very early stages of pregnant first time but have registered with my local midwife birthing unit in Maldon (St Peter's) I like the sound of a small, relaxing environment run by widwives, but am still unsure as anything medical will see me referred to Broomfield in chelmsford by ambulance, I know nothing about Broomfield unit too. There is also no option for an epidural at St Peter's, which I don't think I want but not sure how comfortable I am completely removing that option just in case!!

My alternative is colchester where I used to live, which apparently has just been re-vamped and is apparently really nice.

Any recent experience of any of these facilities? I'm also really keen on a water birth, so would like to maximise those chances, is it true there is a pool in every room in Colchester?

Thanks for any help, I know it is early days just trying to put a feeler out for others experience so I can consider changing if I want to x

3timesascrazy Fri 27-Nov-15 10:54:07

I had a baby at colchester in feb 2014 and found the experience positive, to be honest it was a quick straight forward birth (under 4 hours, then went home same day) so I didnt spend a great amount of time there but the midwives were friendly and I cant complain about the short time I spent on the ward afterwards either.

Tbh unless there's something you really like/dislike about one particular hospital I would go for the nearest to you

Suzy4321 Tue 01-Dec-15 09:27:58

I had baby at colchester May 2015. Very happy the rooms are lovely staff very friendly. Had a bad birth and everyone jumped into gear. Felt confident, afterwards was left alone for three hours (midwives kept popping in etc) had shower and food and cuddled my baby girl. Got moved to the ward stayed overnight. Very very happy with colchester and would go back

mellmumma Fri 04-Dec-15 11:19:21

Thank you! I think I have decided that Colchester will be best as it is my first baby and I know all is on site if anything goes wrong (neo-natal etc)

I'm keeping my MW appointment and 12 week scan where it is for now though so it doesn't end up bein any later, then I'll switch!

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