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St Johns Edinburgh

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AlphaVTango Mon 23-Nov-15 21:18:58

I'm having an ELCS in a few weeks at St Johns Edinburgh, has anyone been there? Any advice?

Feeches Mon 23-Nov-15 21:42:15

I recently gave birth there. I was a vb delivery so can't give specific advice re surgery. The labour ward is excellent but I found the postnatal ward a bit chaotic. It was very busy when I was in so hopefully it'll be quieter for you.

Pack towels and flip flops for the showers and some bottles of water. Straws maybe useful too if you're a bit immobile following the elcs.

Oh, and if the midwives offer to take the baby for a couple of hours to let you rest, do it! I didn't and I regret it following 2 restless nights there.

AlphaVTango Tue 24-Nov-15 04:37:05

Great, thanks for replying. I had a CS at the Royal last year due a medical condition. Was hoping for the Royal again as had a really good experience there. Good to know you found it to be excellent. Need to get a bag packed, thanks for the flip flop reminder!

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