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Natural Methods VS Syntocin AND Can GD+Previous C section = VBAC

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Abi0783 Sat 21-Nov-15 13:28:54

Hi All
I have had a previous Emergency C section 3 years ago. Everything was going fine with this pregnancy in regards to trying for a VBAC but then i was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (which i have managed to control with diet alone.)

When i saw the consultant at 29 weeks she said baby WAS on the bigger side (even though he was still within the growth graph range) and as i have had a previous c section they will not be able to induce me early due to high risk of previous scar rupturing and therefore i was booked an automatic "elective" c section on my due date.

She did say that if i went into labour before then i would be allowed a VBAC. Therefore my 1st question is this, if i try to naturally induce labour after 38 weeks with suggestions such as Rasberry Tea, Dates, Accupuncture, etc wouldn't this also be classed as artificial induction (even though its using natural methods) and hence wouldn't it also risk the c section scar from rupturing? What is the strength in contractions from using these natural methods VS the Syntocin drip given at the hospital (i have been told with the drip the contractions come thick and fast but is this the same with the natural methods)? I dont want to try any natural methods of inducing labour if the risks of rupture are still the same

I understand with normal diabetes or with women who cant control GD on diet alone and are on insulin the risks are high after 38 weeks for the baby but is this the same for GD controlled by diet?

Also has any one had a previous c section AND GD and was able to have a natural VBAC or was allowed to go over your due date and then have a vbac. (im just thinking whether the elective c section has been scheduled too early to allow me time to naturally go in to labour (last time i was over due by 5 days)

i feel that as the consultant didnt wait for my 36week growth scan (and didnt take into account my previous child was a big baby born at 8.10lbs and i had no GD) that its just policy that GD + c section = automatic c section regardless of whether things are under control or babys size is within the acceptable graph range. so i wanted to know whether other ladies have experienced anything with the same scenario as me to let me make a more informed decision on maybe delaying the c section OR trying to induce the labour early

Thanks for reading x

LumpySpaceCow Sat 21-Nov-15 16:39:36

I am no expert but with regards to the natural induction methods, there is no evidence to suggest that they necessarily work (although people swear by them) and if they did send you into labour, then it would be your own body providing the hormones and enabling your labour so can't see this increasing any rupture risk as it would be the same as you spontaneously going into labour. The synto does significantly increase the risk of rupture (and to be honest, I have had it and would elect for a section rather than have it again) but this is a synthetic hormone that is given intravenously - so completely different to any of the 'natural' methods.

With regards to the gestational diabetes, as long as your sugars are controlled and normal then I can't see how this would effect the size of your baby and automatically result in a section. If anything a vaginal birth would be better as gd can inhibit surfactant production (can cause breathing problems) and an elective section increases the risk of baby having breathing problems. Any labour is better for the baby as hormones released gives baby a surge in surfactant so even if you needed another emergency section, the baby is already at low risk of breathing difficulties.
As long as your gd remains controlled other problems then as a compromise could you not book the section for 41 weeks? I'm going for a vbac (elective section 13 months ago) and as long as pregnancy remains uncomplicated, this is what I will do as wouldn't want to be induced even.if they offer it.
Hope I've made some sense! It's hard to explain things on my phone!

LumpySpaceCow Sat 21-Nov-15 16:41:11

And with regards to being 'allowed' to do things

LumpySpaceCow Sat 21-Nov-15 16:42:38

Sorry posted to soon!
Was going to say, with regards to being 'allowed' to do things, it is always your choice. You need to speak to the professionals, research and then make fully informed choices with all the information you have. Good luck x

thatsn0tmyname Sat 21-Nov-15 16:46:20

I had a vbac after an emcs first time. I had a sweep to get things started (I was 12days overdue) and didn't have an epidural so I was able to stay mobile. I think the epidural led to a longer, delayed labour first time round.

Abi0783 Sun 22-Nov-15 00:38:16

LumpySpaceCow - thanks for the information - i wasn't aware of the breathing difficulties but i suppose last time i was in labour (albeit early labour before i had the emergency c section so baby was fine)

i think the problem is when it involves risk to the baby you would never want to make a decision opposite to the professionals but at the same time there is so much information online which shows experiences by women who have succeeded by going down the natural route even against the advice of the docs that it puts doubt as to what you have been told is actually the best option especially when you had hoped for something else.

I have a scan at 36 weeks so will discuss moving the elective c section to 41 weeks if the growth scan results are positive.

If however they are not or consultant doesnt advice i do that then I think i will try some of the natural methods when i am 38 weeks and that way i will at least feel reassured that 'i tried' and if it helps brilliant else will just stick with elective c section on due date.

ThatsNotMyName - thats what i was hoping for but i was actually thinking about an epidural but the more i read about it the more i'm learning that any restrictions in movements and medical involvement leads to more complications and further assistance!

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