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Mo-di twins - Won't induce until special care beds available

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thelionsleeps Wed 18-Nov-15 04:36:30

Can anyone offer advice. Nearly 37 weeks with mo do twins. Admitted 4 days ago for planned inducement as per my consultant & nice guidelines.

Upon arriving no special care beds free which they want in case babies need them. Advised 1st night that 2 beds were now free but labour ward was too busy so they would start inducement in the morning. Midwife came back within an hour to say special care now full so no inducement.

Now beginning 4th day and will be 37 weeks tomorrow. Seeing drs later regarding what is the plan as presume they shouldn't be letting me druft along. I'm concerned at increased risk of complications after 36 weeks which is why I was scheduled to be induced.

Has anyone been in a similar position or can offer advice. Will insist on seeing consultant tomorrow but have visions of me being here a week before they even begin to induce me. Getting seriously sleep deprived already.

thelionsleeps Wed 18-Nov-15 04:37:44

Drift along and now on beginning of 4th day in hospital!

Strawclutching Wed 18-Nov-15 05:16:29

No advice but bloody hell you poor thing!

Graciescotland Wed 18-Nov-15 05:48:51

Crikey poor you. I had mcda twins too and was scheduled for inducement at 36+3. Consultant brought it forward to the evening of 35+6 as I was just going downhill, didn't actually need special care beds at all in the end.

I feel for you; I don't think my consultant would of been overly impressed at the labour ward parking me. His number was in my notes; I'd definitely call first thing and explain how stressful you're finding this.

LumpySpaceCow Wed 18-Nov-15 09:05:25

I think you need to ask your consultant this question. Are the babies expected to be small? If not then I really can't see the issue. Any baby could potentially require scbu but that wouldn't stop induction / elective section (where chance of breathing problems are 0.5-1%). Your babies are now term so unlikely to need scbu.
It just seems incongruent that they are saying you need induction to reduce risks yet now won't induce you as no scbu beds- have these risks somehow disappeared or are the risks not actually that large and now they are doing what suits their staffing/bed problem? I don't know the answers but would be asking them. Good luck x

thelionsleeps Wed 18-Nov-15 12:06:42

Thanks guys for the good advice. Looks like I need to be moved to another hospital as they want me to deliver asap but no guarantee of special care beds being available any time soon.

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