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Am I even IN the bloody latent phase yet?

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StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Mon 16-Nov-15 05:53:55

It's my first pregnancy, 40+9, and I've got stretchy pains in my pelvis/cervix, braxton hicks, and feel periody. This happens every day (for a week now) and then at night just disappears. I wake up in the morning and try to get the whole thing started again.

On Wednesday morning my midwife tried to do a sweep but my cervix was soft and closed; by Friday morning I was 1cm dilated, she swept and I bled, and had a show Friday night and again Saturday morning (I think - it was brown gunk, the biggest portion ended up in the loo so I couldn't really check).

I have induction scheduled for Wednesday morning and I am really not looking forward to having to fight to resist it (I've had a perfectly healthy and lovely pregnancy, I'm fine, the baby's fine, but I'm just 40). I really really don't want to go through induction if there is even a single alternative, and I'm finding this is really getting me down.

Is this even latent phase? I was under the impression I 'should' be getting proper contractions by now. I would be the first person to call this ridiculous normally, but I'm hormonal: right now I am feeling like my body is performing extremely inadequately. sad Can anyone tell me their body did this and then went into labour spontaneously?

goshhhhhh Mon 16-Nov-15 06:25:28

With number one - nothing happened and I was induced. It was fine - two pessaries and completely normal Labour. Managed without pain relief. I think I was probably almost there.
With number two - had sweep and waters went. Kept having contractions but kept stopping. False alarms (frustrating). Threatened with induction then spontaneously went into Labour. It was quite quick and had ds son at home as planned. I think now I was probably in Labour for days.

Hope that helps - if you are induced it isn't always that bad. Good luck!

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Mon 16-Nov-15 06:56:24

Aw, thank you, that is encouraging - I just hate hospitals so much, I'd be having a home birth if the baby didn't need some tests after birth.

I am ridiculously tearful about it all this morning. I just feel like if I can't even go into labour, how am I going to manage being a mother? It's irrational, I know, but I am just all over the place today.

goshhhhhh Mon 16-Nov-15 08:21:05

Don't worry I cried when I thought I might not be able to have a homebirth. Ridiculous really as all that was important was we were both safe. First time round I spent the induction going for walks and playing cards with my dh and sister. Then in the bath for pain relief.

Second time - v miserable as nothing happening. Dh made me a cheerup meal then went into Labour properly just as I finished the meal. V quick after that.

Lozza1990 Mon 16-Nov-15 13:43:43

For me, the latent phase was worse than the actual birth so you have my sympathies. I had my show about 24 hours before I actually went into labour, if that helps. It does sound like your body is getting ready so it shouldn't be too long!

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Mon 16-Nov-15 15:18:35

Thank you tons, I'm much more rational now that it's daytime and I've been able to talk it all out with my lovely DP, and go for a proper hike around some cliffs (surely that will do it. SURELY!). I will NOT be pregnant forever. :mantra:

birdladyfromhomealone Mon 16-Nov-15 17:31:10

Just don't show up for the induction, the doctor police won't come! You have every right to hold off induction until 42 wks.
Look on the Aims website for more info.
You are heading in the right direction smile Latent phase can be really long and uncomfortable but ultimately lead to a much quicker labour. Baby has to give the ok to your brain for you to release the labour hormones so there is not much you can do to get things going unless your baby is ready. Why not go out for a meal, it could be your last one as a couple for a while! Or go to the cinema which at least will take your mind of things. Others may suggest DTD to get things going but research has shown its not the deed that works but the orgasm that triggers contractions so why not have a small glass of wine to relax you, candles and soft music? In the next two weeks yu will be holding your new baby smile

birdladyfromhomealone Mon 16-Nov-15 17:33:13

sorry just seen you are 40 +9 not 40wks. so you are 41+2 so could hold off induction till Friday?

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Mon 16-Nov-15 20:54:52

Thanks for your good advice! My waters broke this evening, so fingers crossed...

birdladyfromhomealone Mon 16-Nov-15 21:16:47

Fantastic! keep bouncing on your ball but dont tire yourself out. We need a live birth thread please smile

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Mon 16-Nov-15 22:44:45

I might oblige but I'm going to try to have a night's sleep first, hee! Night now. smile

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Mon 16-Nov-15 22:45:02


goshhhhhh Tue 17-Nov-15 04:54:40

Ohh just checking in - good luck!

DoctoraNova Tue 17-Nov-15 12:05:25

Might sound really hippy, but are there any emotional blocks? Do you feel secure, safe and ready to labour? Is there anyone around you don't want near, or are you subconsciously waiting for something that needs doing?

Birth is about opening up, and for me that involved letting go of a lot of emotion, and a lot of "hormonal tears". Surrender of the process. It's incredibly powerful.

Being a mum is awesome, and you're going to be great.

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Tue 17-Nov-15 12:57:23

Doctora, that is the loveliest message, thank you! I accidentally did some emotional release work last week (long story!) and unexpectedly found it really helpful. I wonder if that's where my progress came from, so to speak.

I'm on the tens now and I can feel things progressing, which is good. flowers

DoctoraNova Tue 17-Nov-15 13:38:14

Birth is powerful, but you are incredibly powerful too.

Love and labour dust star.

DoctoraNova Tue 17-Nov-15 13:48:07

Oh, and another thing my amazing midwife told me was that the miracle of birth is not that babies are born, but that mothers are born. The secret about all women, is that we are incredibly strong. You're going to be amazed by what you can do, and what at you've done these past nine months. It's going to blow you away.

Once things start progressing, listen to your body, you will know what you need to do. Then do it, without inhibition, without fear, move in whatever way you need to and do whatever you need to do. It's primal. It's all about you and the baby, in a dance.

[I told you I was going to be really hippy!]

brokencrayons Wed 25-Nov-15 14:01:15

DoctoraNova your words are awesome. Git me a tear in my eye!

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