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Need help-post op pregnancy

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Ashjade8 Sun 08-Nov-15 11:26:49

Hi, I'm 25 years old and wanting to start a family but I am scared of pregnancy and childbirth Because I had an emergency laparotomy two years ago due to a gunshot wound to the stomach. I am very lucky to be alive and only needed bowel and small intestine surgery. I lost 22cms in one area and 15 in the other. I have been told that due to my surgery I would be considered a high risk pregnancy not only for the scar ( rupture) but also inside. I haven't been given much information about the internal risks only about the scar itself.. I want to weigh up the risks that are involved as I want to fall pregnant but my family and partner do not want me risking my health again as they all have been through enough and so have I but I don't want fear to stop me from becoming a mum. Please help if you can with some of the potential risk outcomes or any personal experience. It will be much appreciated. Thank you

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