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how will I know I'm in labour

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Evianbaby15 Thu 05-Nov-15 19:23:50

I'm booked in for an ELCS at 39 weeks but worried I might go into labour before that - with dc1 I was at home for 24 hours having contractions and when I got to the hospital was only 3cm, once I establish contractions do I just ring the ward Asap?
Also how do I tell the difference between Braxton hicks and real contractions (dont remember having bh last time)

EsmesBees Thu 05-Nov-15 21:30:40

Probably not the most useful person to respond as I had no idea I was in labour but my midwife said to go in when the contractions were regularly 5 mins apart. I guess ask yours what's recommended now. Best of luck!

OhMakeMeOver Fri 06-Nov-15 14:54:06

I was 36 weeks. Woke up with a bellyache type pain, went to the toilet and I was bleeding, so assumed something was happening. I was also leaking and couldn't stop it, so it wasn't wee!
I rocked on my bed for about 2hrs then the pains started to get worse and I couldn't stand. They hit me all at once! Got to hospital an hour later and the contractions were on top of each other.

That was my experience. My mum rang, they said come in when contractions are 5mins apart I think (they were less than 5mins apart!). But I think that in your situation, you should ring whenever you feel like they could be contractions. In my experience Braxton Hicks were bearable, but uncomfortable, but contractions radiated across my belly mainly from the sides then to the bottom. I think I remember my back aching as well that I didn't get with BH.

Good Luck flowers

Evianbaby15 Fri 06-Nov-15 15:45:57

Thanks both, turned a bit obsessive this pg and the fear of the unknown is eating away at me!

Dixiechick17 Sat 07-Nov-15 10:39:53

When I was in very early labour I had period type pains and tightenings, I timed them on the contraction timer and started to see that they were regular every eight mins. Waters started going two hours later and then the real contractions hit.

Spitoon Sun 08-Nov-15 12:08:17

My labour pains were someone screwing big nails into my back. So bad that my home water birth turned into a hospital birth with epidural, ventouse and episiotomy- baby was back to back. I appreciate most ladies don't experience this level of horror.

CityDweller Sat 14-Nov-15 14:30:00

First time my waters went then contractions started a few hours later. Second time I woke st 2am with period type pains that I soon realised were coming regularly and getting more painful. Was clearly labour (opposed to the spells of achey cramps I'd been having in the last 4 weeks of that pregnancy).

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