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Started induction process and petrified!

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Anna2710 Wed 04-Nov-15 23:07:01

Started process of induction earlier today (24 hour propess) and absolutely petrified of what pain lies ahead. I even had to have gas and air to have pessary inserted so definitely have a very low pain threshold...bordering on ridiculous!!! It's been in since 3:30 pm and I'm having sporadic back pain, cervical type sharp pains and pain in very bottom of bump so far but just so scared of the pain yet to come however this induction process progresses.

SomeonesRealName Wed 04-Nov-15 23:33:01

How are you doing now Anna? Don't be scared you can do it xxx

IrritableBitchSyndrome Wed 04-Nov-15 23:41:04

Try to focus on just the next minute, distract yourself as much as you can, and don't worry about what's to come. I was terrified about childbirth for my entire pregnancy and worried about low pain threshold. I'm such a baby I find blood tests and fingerpricks painful! I got through childbirth on just gas and air, surprisingly well. I think your natural endorphin painkillers and adrenaline kick in to help you though. You can do this, and the high you will feel afterwards is amazing! Your body will do what it needs to do, try to just go along for the ride. You will be ok.

Anna2710 Thu 05-Nov-15 00:04:47

I'm not too bad at the minute. The pains have eased a little (probably not a good thing as at least pain means more likely something happening) will try and get some rest and see what happens.

NewMrsX Thu 05-Nov-15 06:26:46

This is going to be me today, I'm booked in for induction and terrified too. Awake so early cus I'm too anxious (a little bit excited too though to meet baby) and I know the best thing right now would be sleep but that's not going to happen any time soon!

Good luck, I'm wishing us both lovely straightforward births smile

IrritableBitchSyndrome Thu 05-Nov-15 14:21:42

How are you getting on Anna and MrsX?

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