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Another live birth thread? But it's inconvenient!

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Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 03:35:44

Just phoned labour suite and have been told to wait, take paracetamol, try to get back to sleep...
All day yesterday my tummy was hard, but was ok when resting. Went to bed with indigestion and low grade period like pain. Woke up with pains every 7-10 minutes, bit of red spotting on the pad and pinkish discharge on the paper.
But I've got things planned! Carpet fitters! I'm not ready yet! (Well I am and frankly can't wait grinblush)

ChesterCake Tue 03-Nov-15 03:46:30

Oh exciting jucy! How Many weeks are you? I'm currently sat in bed on a towel trying to figure out if my waters are leaking or I've wee'd in my sleep!

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 04:09:59

I'm 39+2. Baby's head was 4/5 engaged 2 weeks ago so even though midwife scheduled another appointment (for tomorrow) she said good luck I probably won't see you!
Chester I quite often felt like that, but I was hot and sweaty sleeping on absorbent bed mat smile. How far along are you?

SomeonesRealName Tue 03-Nov-15 04:22:57

Ooh how are you both doing? I'll never get back to sleep now!!

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 04:38:55

I'm trying to get back to sleep, but I can't. Still contracting. I really want to wait till morning so we can take our DD to school...

SomeonesRealName Tue 03-Nov-15 04:44:23

It's not long now till morning. Maybe have a warm bath. Do you know what you're having? X

ExBallerina Tue 03-Nov-15 04:47:00

Ohh how exciting!

Do you know what you're having? Any name picked out?

ChesterCake Tue 03-Nov-15 04:51:43

I phoned delivery and they wanted the check its waters so I'm here now and it definitely is! Scary now! I'm 38+1 today and went over due with DS so it's a bit surreal!
How are you feeling? It'll seem easier in the day light I hope!

SomeonesRealName Tue 03-Nov-15 05:06:46

How long were you with DS in labour? Have I got time to nip and make a cup of tea I wonder...

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 05:27:59

We're having another surprise, and still not 100% decided on the names smile.
Just taken paracetamol and made myself a cup of tea. DH and DD are asleep. Baby's still wriggling. I'll try warm bath or shower. Not long till morning.
Chester good luck! Keep strong, don't forget to breathe!

SomeonesRealName Tue 03-Nov-15 05:35:09

Are they still every 7-10 minutes?

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 05:42:46

Yes, more or less.

Just cleaned baby's car seat confused

cornishglos Tue 03-Nov-15 06:11:03

Jucy and Chester - best of luck. 2 live birth threads, 2 on each. The race is really on! I phoned in at 1ish as the contractions were every 3 minutes then but they told me to wait until I felt I needed help. By 2.30pm they'd tailed off, enough for me to sleep! So just waiting. Will send DH off to take my little one to my friend's when they wake up!
Hope all is well.

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 06:54:26

My contractions are still going, now every 4-5 minutes. I've just had a nice bath which helped with pain, but I'm so tired now, haven't slept since before 3am. I'll ring triage soon, ask if I have to go.

SomeonesRealName Tue 03-Nov-15 07:36:19

Hope you don't have too long to go Jucymyname. Sounds like you're progressing nicely. Let us know what they say!!

ChesterCake Tue 03-Nov-15 08:20:39

Sounds like it's going along nicely jucy! I'm at home bouncing on the ball to try and get things moving. Irregular 8-10 mins apart here!

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 10:09:04

Im in hospital. 5 cm. On gas and air. I just want to sleep! Maybe a little snooze between contractions?

Keep bouncing chester.

BlueBananas Tue 03-Nov-15 10:12:51

Ooo this is all so exciting! I have a live birth thread on the go ATM too! Yours seems to be progressing much faster though envy jealous!

Good luck flowers

cornishglos Tue 03-Nov-15 13:23:58

Jealous too, but best of luck!

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 16:26:57

Update: baby Adam is here. Born just after 3pm happily feeding on the second breast grin. I had to have quite a few stiches (ouch).

How are you doing chester?

cornishglos Tue 03-Nov-15 16:41:05


BlueBananas Tue 03-Nov-15 16:42:26

Oh my gosh as if you have your baby already!
Congratulations Jucy hope you and baby are well, get lots of rest flowers

Jucymyname Tue 03-Nov-15 16:51:16

Thank you! smile

ChesterCake Tue 03-Nov-15 18:31:18

Oh wow! Massive congratulations on baby Adam, jucy! How big was he?
I got up to 4 min apart contractions and now they seem to have just completely stopped! Hoping it comes back before 9am or I'm in for induction sad

cornishglos Tue 03-Nov-15 18:34:22

Chester, we are in exactly the same boat then... My induction is booked for 9am. Not sure how to stay positive now? So tired and so want to avoid induction but nothing's working!

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