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Birthing options in Cornwall

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Hopefulmummy2B Mon 26-Oct-15 20:49:12

My partner and I are hoping to start a family very soon, and are going to be relocating for job reasons next year, to Cornwall. Because I'm a planner and like to investigate my options and do research in advance (before even conceiving!), I've already started trying to find information on maternity units/birthing centres etc. As it'll be our first baby (fingers crossed we don't have issues conceiving - I realise I'm being overly positive at this stage!!), I think I would prefer to give birth at a hospital, for the peace of mind of not having a long journey to be rushed there if there was an emergency situation. Already I feel that I would really want a water birth, but it seems that there aren't birthing pools in Truro- is this true? I've seen an article about them coming in at some point but that was in 2014, and the NHS page still says no pool facilities there? If anyone could shed light that'd be great. And on a probably even more important point, I'm quite concerned about the quality of care we would have- I have read a few rather damning reports as well as a few good ones based on people's experiences- it's like trip advisor I guess! (Haha!) It's already scaring me that there is so little choice in Cornwall, especially after seeing fabulous facilities in One Born Every Minute, or being in a more built up area where there is more choice of hospitals etc.
so any stories about experiences would be great- perhaps Helston birthing centre would be better than Truro?!

stace1986 Tue 27-Oct-15 13:19:02

Hi OP, there are no facilities at the main hospital in truro for a water birth. There is supposed to be facilities going in but no work has been started. There are two birth centres, one in Helston and one in St Austell with the facilities for a water birth. I gave birth at treliske which is the main hospital in Truro and found the staff brilliant. Hope that helps a little.

stace1986 Tue 27-Oct-15 13:20:12

My aftercare hasn't been great but I didn't have a straightforward labour/delivery.

Hopefulmummy2B Wed 28-Oct-15 10:25:01

Thank you stace1986, good experience reports help to put my mind at rest!

AmyLouKin Wed 28-Oct-15 16:32:17

No actual advice as yet, as I'm only halfway through my first pregnancy. Fingers crossed, I'm going for a birth centre but will be going to visit all options (mentioned above) before I'm due! If you would like me to report back on the birth centres, send me a private message and I will try to remember. smile

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