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Any advice, 3rd baby and getting a bit stressed

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RosaBee Mon 26-Oct-15 08:38:14

I've commented on a few other threads but feeling a bit upset and stressed now.
I'll try keep it shortish!
When I had ds1 my waters went on 26th December, I was due 12th but hospital only has skeleton staff on Christmas week. I'd been having a lot of pain and practice contractions for weeks but nothing. Waters went at 3am and still didn't go into labour. After 48 hours I was induced. After delivery I ended up with 3rd degree tear, 2ltr blood loss and being rushed to theatre. I was told that the baby had been back to back and that's why I had been trying to go into labour but my body couldn't
18 months later I had dd1, all through the consultant team adviced it was not a good idea to let me go overdue again and if I was to tear again I had risk of being anally incontinent. I had a sweep at 39 weeks and was booked for induction on due date. I went to hospital for induction but when I was examined midwife found I was in labour, sure enough within hours she was born. Only minor tear and blood loss but she was 9lb6.5!
I am now having 3rd baby. I have moved from Scotland to England so I explained about my history at booking. I met consultant at 35 weeks who was very dismissive, admitted they don't gets note from other hospitals. Did growth scan and few extra checks that all came back normal and so signed me off to midwife led care. I'm not saying this pregnancy is high risk but surely my history should be acknowledged?
Anyway, at 40 week appointment midwife told me this baby is also back to back. I am now 41+ and no one is really concerned. I am having a lot of pain. As I did first time round but my body just doesn't seem to be able to go into labou from this position!
I've walked miles daily, rotated on birth ball, slept on left side. Done spinning babies exercises but nothing happening.
I suppose I'm getting scared really and feel history is repeating and worried what the outcome will be and wanted to get it down.

BinToHellAndBack Mon 26-Oct-15 09:00:31

Haven't seen any of your other comments, but your first birth sounds very traumatic flowers

I know it feels like history is bound to repeat itself but your third baby being back to back doesn't automatically mean the same story as your 1st, especially given a successful 2nd labour with no tearing. Everything is so much looser by the third (a mixed blessing!) that the baby will be much more likely to turn spontaneously as you labour, or even to just come out back to back but without the same difficulty you experienced before.

That said, you are clearly very anxious about this (understandably - anybody would be) and it's pretty rubbish that you feel your concerns are not being listened to or taken seriously. Do you generally get on with your midwife and feel you can talk to her? And is there an induction plan as now you're 41+, or are you hoping to be offered a CS to avoid the tearing?

RosaBee Mon 26-Oct-15 09:13:09

I'd really like to avoid a section at all cost as have little help and need to be able to drive my son to school etc. obviously if it comes to that I will have to make it work but really hope it don't need one!
I've held off in the hope I go naturally and avoid another horrible induction but with everyday I'm losing hope. I'm seeing midwife at 12 to be booked in so I'll see what she says.
All the midwives I've seen have all been very nice and understanding but clearly think consultant arrogant and seems to be some rivalry there, not sure really. They sit and smile and nod and look concerned but then don't really have the power to do anything either. I asked for a sweep last week and she refused as Said would only be allowed if I went back to consultant first for permission and by the time that could be done id be allowed one anyway so no point.

RosaBee Mon 26-Oct-15 09:18:23

It's hard, husband works long hours, not much family close by and I've had to rely a lot on friends these past few weeks as haven't felt safe driving as hips keep seizing up when try and change gear. What a pain!

AmberLav Mon 26-Oct-15 13:53:35

With DC2, baby was back to back the day before labour started, but turned, and was delivered less than 2 hours after labour commenced... so being back to back now doesn't mean baby will be back to back on delivery day.

I do hate the randomness of consultant care, I had a 3rd degree with DC1, and no one seemed to worry about the birth for DC2 (had a 2nd deg tear), but now with DC3 my consultant won't sign me off his service till he has checked everything. completely different approaches each time...

Good luck with everything, you should be in the hospital system now that you are 41 weeks, and you should be able to push for an induction. If necessary, do cry, there is no reason to be strong if this is really worrying you...

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