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big headed baby with forceps last time.. what to expect this time?

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TattieHowkerz Sun 25-Oct-15 16:24:43

DD was born at 38weeks following induction, delivered at that time as I am diabetic. She was 8lb11. Had forceps due to failure to progress related to her big head and my narrow pelvis. The delivery did nt go smoothly. She was injured. I had a pph.

I am wondering if the same thing is likely to happen again? We have just started to TTC #2. I will have an obstetrician but am also interested in others' experiences. I guess the issue of whether to attempt vaginal birth will come up. That would be my preference, but I am nervous.

Zainabisaaq84 Sun 25-Oct-15 22:21:04

I had same problem as u with my first one. .. my daughters head was slightly large and was struggling to come out so they did a forcep on me she was 6lb 3oz.. tbh with my second pregnancy I didn't think much of the forceps as my midwife had assured me second time round ur baby comes out quicker than before but my second turned out to be worse labour ever (more due to staff )again my boy got stuck so had to have a another forcep his weight was 8lb 3oz ... I am expecting my third child now and waiting for a an appointment to see my consultant to discuss my this labour because I don't want another forcep ..

U just need to speak to ur midwife and ask her to arrange an appointment to see a consultant for ur peace of mind. .. good luck hun xxxx

steppemum Sun 25-Oct-15 22:34:06

1st baby - HUGE head - seriously - newborn hats didn't fit, 0-3 months hats didn't fit, 3-6 month hats were a tight fit.

2nd baby tiny head, completely different shape.

3rd baby - HUGE baby 10lbs 8 oz, but normal sized head.

BUT I do not have a small pelvis.

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