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Third induction, feeling down and scared

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PipPopPip Sat 17-Oct-15 20:13:22

First induction (42 weeks) was Okish, bit medicalised but not a nightmare,

Second (36 weeks prom, group b strep) was rough. Agony, no pain relief, hyper stimulated and significant pph. Thought I'd never have another.

Convinced my self third time lucky, surely easier. Chose lovely birth unit etc, convinced them allowed to use it after pph. Then got very anaemic... But still on the cards. THEN developed gestational diabetes, controlled, still a chance of 40 weeks... NOW the 37 week scan showed very very low fluid/ 40 week abdominal measurement (all else 45). AND blood sugar went mad, same meal anything from 4.4 to 9.8 blood sugar (I'm bloody slim and eat healthily btw)

So Tuesday I'm booked for induction for the third time. I feel like hiding in a tent in the forest and crying having to face it again. I fear gdm, low fluid, anaemia, history of pph, iron count of 8.8 is a guaranteed recipe for a nightmare. Plus I'm worried about the baby. And I hate the registrar who's been on duty each time I've been near triage or the mdu, horrible attitude "you have no choice now" abruptly. The consultants in the antenatal clinic where much more relaxed about gdm. The registrars though are risk adverse, the first wanted me on a drip for four hours even after a normal labour just in case, not registering it's fucking painful to do so, or considering having a cannula as standby even.

I'm venting here as I'm trying to put a positive face on, but I'm shit scared tbh. And to top it off I have a vicious stomach bug.

bunny85 Sun 18-Oct-15 22:33:10

Hi Pip, to be honest I've got no advice for you, but didn't want to leave your post unanswered. I'm almost 35 weeks and it's my first pregnancy, I too have GD but very severe one (on insulin since 16 weeks and very hard to control, you may call it semi-controlled), I'm also going to be induced and absolutely shitting myself too.. I started a thread in Childbirth section about positive induction stories, and to my dismay there were plenty! I mean, sooo many women had a drip and found it quite manageable! Maybe you will too, this time round? Have a look at this thread, you'll find it reassuring. Also, maybe try and ask them to turn the drip up gradually bit by bit? Some say it makes a huge difference.

Wishing you the best of luck, everything crossed for you, you can do it! thanks

Lou7195 Tue 20-Oct-15 21:21:25

Hi, similar to bunny85, I don't have any real advice to offer. Just to say I'm a type one diabetic and have been for years, on an insulin pump, very anaemic and a whole host of other medical issues too. I'll definitely be being induced and my consultants are being very cagey about how early that might be (I'm currently only 21 weeks). I've had a fair few cannulas in my time, if it's hurting you ask them to try putting it in your hand (if it's in your elbow) or vice versa. It can make a massive difference. I hope it all goes well for you.

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