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Obsessed with baby coming on time!

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eiysmummyc Fri 16-Oct-15 09:39:06

From being about 35 weeks all I can think about is going into labour on time! This is my second child, and with my first I was induced. Although I got through it with just gas and air everyone, even the midwife, has said natural labour is much less painful and generally more pleasant as your not hooked up to a drip and monitor for hours on end! I am now obsessed with avoiding another hospital induction and have googled every natural induction technique known to man in case I go to 40 weeks! I realise how crazy I sound ha ha but I just want to know if anyone else felt pressured to labour on time or if I am indeed just a hormonal psycho lol!

Scattymum101 Fri 16-Oct-15 13:21:14

I think the whole notion of 'on time' is the pressure there tbh.

You can't pinpoint exactly when the baby implanted so a few days here and there isn't many (although I know it feels it at full term).

Most babies go over 40 weeks statistically so I think 41 weeks is a better frame to work to.

How far over did you go with dc1 before you were induced?
If you really don't want induced you can request monitoring instead.

I was very keen to avoid induction both times and was lucky that both my girls came before I was pressured into an induction.

OrionsAccessory Fri 16-Oct-15 13:25:41

You can decide if you want to be induced or not, your body, your decision! I wouldn't let them book me in for induction until I was 42weeks. Dc2 came on her own, I didn't really do anything other than lots of walking.

eiysmummyc Fri 16-Oct-15 13:39:32

Thanks for the responses! I went over by 15 days with dd! I had a scan at 30 weeks and he is a big baby! So I'm hoping it won't come to that again, although I know he will come when he's ready! I think I will opt to be monitored and long as all remains plain sailing ill keep him cooking for as long as possible!

OrionsAccessory Fri 16-Oct-15 19:32:09

Sounds like a good plan, he can't stay in there forever grin

CityDweller Mon 19-Oct-15 18:17:13

If it gives you hope, I went to 40+14 with DC1 (natural labour as I declined induction) and DC2 came at 40+4 (by their dates, 40+1 by mine).

But in the last weeks of pregnancy I was obsessively googling 'if you went overdue with first baby did you go overdue with second' and similar. I really didn't want to go to 14 days over the second time as we were moving house 3 weeks after my due date!

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