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Help on these symptoms in Week 35

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Focusfocus Thu 01-Oct-15 04:51:31

Hi all,

I am currently in week 36 ongoing with baby 1. I just wondered if anyone had these things so they can help?

My bump dropped at 34 weeks and at my antenatal appointment 6 days ago baby was 3/5 into the pelvis and 2/5 palpable. Since then I've had a scan couple days ago which struggled to measure the head as it was absolutely in the pelvis. Fetal weight was estd at 5.8 lbs (2.6 kgs). I can now fit three hands widths under bra strap till I feel baby's bum. So quite low.

I've been getting bad, lingering thigh and calf pains daily. Having to take warm showers at silly o clock. And my whole body aches and creaks! But more importantly - this last week my bum (literally the sphincter), the perineum and the base of my groin all started to ache and feel pressured every time I so much as life a foot to step on a stair. Not shooting pains. But rather aches all over down there when standing up, wearing shoes, walking about the house. If I walk more than a few minutes I feel my bum is carrying a load! Braxton hicks can sometimes be up to 8 times an hour then nothing for hours.

I complete 36 weeks on Monday. I'm just keeping a watchful eye as I come from a family which gives birth about 36-37 weeks. I'm also Indian where there is a very slight tendency to labour on the earlier end of full term compared to Caucasian women.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? Also having lots of discharge that's white. Is it worth sticking a slim pad in just so I know if waters trickle and to be prepped if waters go?

Caveat to add - tone comes across wrongly online, so lest it seems like I'm either panicked or impatient, I'm neither :-) I'm merely an insomniac with time on her hands and chocolate cookies in her mouth!!!

Focusfocus Thu 01-Oct-15 04:52:09

Typo in title, should say 36 not 35

Skiptonlass Thu 01-Oct-15 10:03:26

I'm coming up to 38 on Saturday... I've got the pressure too but I'm finding it really hard to distinguish whether it's just worsening spd or baby moving down. That feeling of weight, pressure and pain could be just the late stage you're at (I've been unable to walk more than around the house for weeks)

He has been 3/5 engaged but then decided to pop back up after (nothing is as much fun as kicking my ribs apparently.)

Also got the increased discharge, not sure about the BHs as all the info online say they are painless and the few things I've had which might have been contractions (or maybe baby playing twister) were very painful.

So I'm not much help smile I'm due a section on Monday and I absolutely must not go into labour apparently (placenta Previa and vascular structures over os) but it's alright them saying that when I have no idea what labour feels like!

Whenever he/she decides to make an appearance, good luck! And don't hesitate to call in if you think you need assessing.

Focusfocus Thu 01-Oct-15 13:11:02

Oh Skipton you are close!! Monday isnt far away!! Must be exciting smile Good luck to you too and for the team-yellow squish!!

Skiptonlass Thu 01-Oct-15 13:16:59

Thank you! I'm hoping we have everything sorted out - not that anyone is ever ready for their first, I think. Feel very excited I'll finally get to meet this little person who has been kicking away in there all this time.

Exciting times!

WantToGoingTo Sat 03-Oct-15 08:17:51

Yea I remember this. I had all of that from 37 weeks onwards until d day at 39+4. In fact I went to DAU at 37 weeks as thought my waters has gone! (Thy hadn't, just a ton of discharge!)

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