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If you had to stay on post natal ward...

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CarrotPuff Tue 29-Sep-15 11:21:34

...what was the reason? I mean, why you couldn't be discharged the same day?

I was quite lucky with DS, had straightforward labour, some issues with placenta coming out but nothing major. He was born before 11am and we went home about 8pm. I was actually wondering why we couldn't go earlier, but I am Rh neg so they were waiting for lab results on DS's blood.

It's a bit early to be thinking about labour with DC2, as I'm only 17 weeks, but I wonder why they make you stay? What was your reason? And how long for?

WiIdfire Tue 29-Sep-15 11:23:48

I stayed for 5 days as my boy was on NICU, but most of the other ladies were in and out. On the upside, it meant I got a single room which was nice.

PotteringAlong Tue 29-Sep-15 11:24:45

Group b strep, both ds1 and ds2 needed 48 hours antibiotics and 24 hours observations.

FattyNinjaOwl Tue 29-Sep-15 11:26:03

DS1 prom
DD meconium liquor
DS2 meconium liquor

chairmeoh Tue 29-Sep-15 11:26:04

My blood pressure was much higher than usual, so I stayed in for 2 extra nights until it came down.
It probably would have lowered quicker at home!

Whatabout Tue 29-Sep-15 11:28:09

Had a section, automatically gets you 48hoirs in hell.

cowbag1 Tue 29-Sep-15 11:28:48

Ds was born at 11pm and they originally told me I could be discharged the next day but come that evening and they had changed their mind. I lost more blood than they would have liked and wanted to keep an eye on me overnight. I'm also Rh neg.

As the next day rolled on towards the evening, they seemed to be in no rush to discharge me, despite there being no reason to keep me in. I was desperate to go home so I pushed and was discharged at 6pm.

RaaRaaTheLion Tue 29-Sep-15 11:29:09

Foreceps delivery! I had DD at 9.31 am on the Wednesday and was home by 10.30am on Thursday. They kept me in to make sure I was weeing okay after stitches and bruising, and that DD was holding her temperature okay.

MrsPear Tue 29-Sep-15 11:29:32

They allowed me to stay with both mine. Ds1 was 10 weeks early and ds2 9 weeks. With ds1 I was told to go home - ds1 stayed in total 6 weeks - after 5 days. Really horrible and was crying all the way home. With ds2 I had him at night the stayed the following night - so I could have some sleep - then discharged myself the next afternoon after my first cuddle. Both times I was in side rooms - the first time I was next door to a lady who I believe had a stillbirth - and both times I didn't have so much as one check up not even blood pressure.

Poledra Tue 29-Sep-15 11:30:02

Baby 1: c-section and problems establishing bfeeding
Baby 2: low BP after epidural
Baby3: her need to stay in SCBU for 5 days

I'm a bit shit at giving birth - not doing it again!

FattyNinjaOwl Tue 29-Sep-15 11:32:17

Oh DS1 I had pph too. I was sure I put that in my first post hmm
Blame the fact I'm knackered after being up all night with DS2!

PosterEh Tue 29-Sep-15 11:33:58

Stayed 24hrs both times so they could check their blood sugars (gestational diabetes). I paid about £100-120 to have my own room which was well worth it.

customercare Tue 29-Sep-15 11:35:36

Very long (48 Hour) back labour followed by EMCS so was exhausted plus baby was jaundiced so kept in for several days for observation/to rest up

ThumbWitchesAbroad Tue 29-Sep-15 11:36:03

Ds1 was born early hours of a Tuesday, I stayed in Tuesday and Wednesday nights and was let out on Thursday. Partly due to being induced, partly due to being under consultant care because of blood clotting condition, partly due to DS1 failing to latch properly because of TT, and partly due to my advanced age, I suspect.

Ds2 - also kept in for 2 nights post delivery, iirc - same sort of reasons.

Because I was induced with both DSs, I was actually in for 4 nights - 2 before birth, and 2 after.

MargaretCabbage Tue 29-Sep-15 11:38:46

I had a third degree tear and had to have a spinal block, so needed to stay in overnight.

Pixi2 Tue 29-Sep-15 11:43:11

My iron levels were too low both times.

Ihatechoosingnames Tue 29-Sep-15 11:45:15

EMCS at 1am so got 2 nights 3 days of fucking hell. Seriously, the postnatal ward stay was just as traumatic as the birth and made me mentally unwell for weeks. Having an ELCS in 5 weeks. Will be discharging myself after 1 night, don't give a flying fuck what any doctors say.

MrsMillions Tue 29-Sep-15 11:45:52

Currently on ward with DD2. She was born around 4:30pm yesterday so 6 hours would have made it quite late to go home anyway, but they were concerned about my blood loss so wanted to keep an eye on me. Frustration now is waiting for results of my blood test this morning before they'll discharge me. Everything seems to slow down massively if you're not in the 6 hour process.

DD1 was a forceps birth in theatre and 3rd degree tear, I stayed in 2 nights as they wanted to ensure I'd been to toilet ok (in, ahem, both ways) first - iron tablets didn't help there!

I've had private rooms both times. First time think was nature of birth and late time I arrived on ward. This time it all seems rather quiet so just luck they had space.

Worst thing about it: tasteless food.

sksk Tue 29-Sep-15 11:47:51

I had a fourth degree tear. But that didn't stop them from moving me from a side room to the main ward at midnight. They also continued to give my antibiotic drip despite pain from the cannula, they also issued a dose of antibiotics, didn't give my any advice and no offer of help to clean my bloody feet. Why did they keep me overnight?!

sksk Tue 29-Sep-15 11:48:11

Missed a dose, not issued!

NorbertDentressangle Tue 29-Sep-15 11:48:40

With DD we had to stay in for 4 or 5 nights (can't remember exactly as it's all a hazy memory as I was so tired!) as she was slightly jaundiced and not feeding well.

She was borderline on needing phototherapy so they kept us in to monitor her and to establish the feeding.

Itsbloodyraining Tue 29-Sep-15 11:52:35

Whatabout, brilliant summation grin.

BondGate Tue 29-Sep-15 11:54:05

DS1 - he was 6 weeks early and in SCBU, so they let me stay in to be near him for about 3 days before kicking me out as I had no medical need for the bed.

DS2 - wouldn't feed at first, quickly became obvious that he needed phototherapy for jaundice, and they wanted to check he was feeding okay once that started to clear, so in post-natal for about 5 days.

LemonBreeland Tue 29-Sep-15 12:01:10

3rd degreetear which required stitching in theatre. Stayed in for 3 days with DS1 after that. I was desperate to get out of there.

With DD (DC3) I had another 3rd degree tear, at home this time, went to hospital for stitches in theater again in the middle of the night and was allowed home at about 2pm the next day.

stargirl1701 Tue 29-Sep-15 12:04:19

I had DD1 in a MLU then came home. Admitted to post natal ward at 10 days post birth with sepsis. 4 days on post natal with IV ABs, 4 days back in MLU.

I had DD2 in the MLU again and came home. Admitted to post natal ward again at 5 days post birth with uterine & bladder infections. 4 days on ante-natal ward as post natal was full.

Ante-natal was much nicer.

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