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to sweep or not to sweep!!

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Merlin333 Tue 29-Sep-15 10:06:52

Declined a sweep at 40 wks as felt I was showing no signs of anything happening so didnt think it would make any difference! Booked to be induced at 12 days over but will be offered a sweep at 41 wks. Im really not that keen (yes i know a sweep is going to be nothing compared to giving birth lol) still no signs of being any further forward but will i regret not having a sweep if i then make it to inductiion day?

CityDweller Tue 29-Sep-15 12:10:18

Who knows... I had three sweeps as I went increasingly overdue w/ DD. Eventually went into labour about 48 hrs after the last one (at 40 + 14), but who knows if it was the sweep. I'm of the opinion that it can't do much harm, but might do something to help

Pippin8 Tue 29-Sep-15 18:23:05

Essentially a sweep is an intervention, but much less of an intervention than a full on IOL. And they don't always work, however, there is a higher success rate in women who have had babies before.

If you feel that you're not ready then why bother? You may as well try some of the other methods.

zzzzz Tue 29-Sep-15 18:27:28

I had one with my last baby and would never have one again. It hurt and felt very wrong/violating for want of a better way of saying it.
I've had 5 children and I still feel uncomfortable thinking about it.

ZenNudist Tue 29-Sep-15 18:44:40

I had sweeps at 40+7 and 40+4 with each dc. Each time I gave birth the following day. Ds2 was a bit unpleasant, probably because it was a but earlier than ds1's, still worth it to get things going and not much to lose if the alternative is induction. The reason I had one earlier with ds2 is it worked first time round to get things moving. Sucks being over 40 weeks! flowers

Scattymum101 Tue 29-Sep-15 22:02:57

I never had a sweep before labour. I think I was given one in early labour with both but I was never asked or told it had been done.
I wouldn't have one personally but then I've never needed one as I've gone on my own fairly close to dates born times. I know I'm really lucky with that so I'm probably not the best to advise really.

If you're not comfy with the thought then I wouldn't. I don't think there's enough evidence to suggest it would make that much difference.

blackkat1978 Tue 29-Sep-15 23:15:54

I did with my 1st. I was more informed with my 2nd so declined sweeps as I know there is a slim chance of them breaking your water which would've put me on the clock & possibly prevented me from getting my home birth. From what I've read I'm not sure there's any evidence to show that it actually does anything but completely your choice. If you're happy to go down the intervention route & are planning to be induced I would accept a sweep. Oh & if you do take a maternity pad with you, I was surprised by how much blood there was on the midwife's glove.

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