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Short/easy 3rd delivery after 2 (or more) difficult ones?

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TakesTwoToTango Mon 28-Sep-15 17:00:35

Am heading into late pg 3 and starting to think (worry) about delivery.

I've had two difficult vbs (25hrs/forceps/tears/pph) and 12hrs/tears/episiotomy/pph) both with long second stages (7hrs and 4hrs). I've been hoping for third time lucky!

The other day an acquaintance (trying to be kind by reassuring me that I'd likely have plenty to time to sort childcare for my others) made a throw away remark that after two long and difficult labours, I'm probably not going to be quick this time around. I know what will be will be, but I find her words are haunting me.

Can anyone help me regain my hopeful focus by sharing stories of comparably quicker/easier subsequent births after at least two difficult ones?

sproketmx Tue 29-Sep-15 00:35:48

Hell yes. After the two near ten pound boys my girl was here at nearly 37 weeks, 45 minutes after my waters went. Not kidding I was crowning waiting for the stupid buzzer on the door entry to let me in.

My first was a 4 day labour ending in an emergency c cestion and near 6 pint blood loss. 9lbs 13 n a half oz 40+5 and he was back to back. Second was vbac, 36 hour labour from waters, put on a drip to speed things up then forceps. 10lbs 2oz. Skinny mini decided she couldn't wait for her brothers and surprised me 2 days before I hit 37 weeks. Woke up with back pain, waters broke going downstair, 35 min drive to hosp pushing in the car with my friend chanting a mantra of 'don't you dare drop that Fucking baby in my car!'in a blind panic, rang buzzer, got in, wheelchair brought but couldn't sit down, examined in reception area behind a screen, told I was crowning (like I didn't Fucking know that, this is not my first time at the rodeo)., helped into mlu where I leaned over the bed and somebody caught her

sproketmx Tue 29-Sep-15 00:36:16

She was 8lbs 6oz

TakesTwoToTango Tue 29-Sep-15 00:42:57

Thanks sproke!

FattyNinjaOwl Tue 29-Sep-15 00:47:58

My 3rd was by far my easiest.

DS1 was a b2b labour, 38 hours contractions started at 3 mins apart. He came out face first, I tore and had a pph
He was 7lb 12

DD was in latent phase for 2 weeks. She too was b2b and face first.
She was 7lb 10

DS2 I woke the morning I came into labour and couldn't decide if I was actually in labour! An hour and half later contractions were every 2 mins so I decided to go hospital. He was born 4 hours after waking up that morning. I pushed literally for 2 minutes.
He was 10 lb 10. No cuts/tears. Nothing. He Just dropped out!

TakesTwoToTango Tue 29-Sep-15 00:49:57

Oh yey! Another one. Thanks
Fatty smile

TakesTwoToTango Wed 30-Sep-15 13:39:13

Anyone else able to encourage me? smile

Fresh01 Wed 30-Sep-15 20:09:20

Another one here! DC3 was my best delivery out of 4 and he was over 9lbs.

Rolled over in bed at midnight at 39 weeks and waters broke! DS born by 4am in hospital, went from 7-10cm in 3 minutes. Midwife checked at 7cm went outside spoke to other midwife, came back in as I said I was needing to push much to her shock I was. A few pushes later he was out. Only gas and air, no stitches. Sitting back home in the kitchen by 4pm, feeling great??

Previous 2 were girls. Only had gas and air with both but had stitches with both. Had a post partum haemorrhage and lost over 1 litre of blood with DD1. Then I had to get a D&C 10 weeks later due to retained placenta and with DD2 I was in surgery a few hours after she was born again to get retained placenta removed.

DC3 was an easy chilled out wee baby.

I went for DC4 and it was a girl so I was back to having retained placenta.....

Best of luck

SausageSmuggler Wed 30-Sep-15 20:34:02

Yes! DC3 was by far the best and easiest labour for me. DC1 was induced, immense pain, epidural and long pushing stage. DC2 was natural but long, back to back, epidural kept losing her heartbeat, all a bit stressful. DC3 was very quick, managed on no pain relief, pushing stage was 5 minutes. Given the choice I'd go for DC3's labour anytime.

JawannaDrink Wed 30-Sep-15 20:42:05

I had 2 difficult births with interventions, then my 3rd was really quite easy. Unfortunately my fourth was the worst off all and might have done permanent damage.
Nobody can tell you how its going to go, there are so many factors that affect the outcome.

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