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Big baby last time

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katienana Tue 15-Sep-15 15:57:14

Just wondering what other's experiences are.
DS was 10lb 9.5oz, he was born at 40+4. I was pushing him out for 3 hours and ended up having an episiotomy. I had a difficult 3rd stage as the placenta got stuck and the cord snapped, then I had a pph for 1200ml. Recovery was dreadful my wound got infected and took 3 lots of antibiotics to clear and I needed a blood transfusion but was very weak for ages afterwards.
DS is a very tall child, takes after his dad! So I think chances are I will have another large baby.
I have only had my booking appt but was classed high risk and told I will need a GTT later in the pregnancy. Assuming I do not contract gestational diabetes will I be offered growth scans? And if baby is thought to be large what are the likely options? From looking through the notes it seems to suggest that if measuring big a decision would be made at 39 weeks. That seems late in the day!

duchesse Tue 15-Sep-15 16:04:27

You poor thing, that sounds rather tough. Not surprised you are worried. The problem is that it's actually quite difficult to accurately assess a baby's weight before it's born- they can be up to a pound out either way even on scan.

Babies do tend to get bigger, but not always; each of mine was smaller than the previous, but the first was a boy (8lbs12oz) followed by three girls, 7lbs9oz, 7lbs8oz, 7lbs6oz.

I might be wrong but it sounds as though in the mind of the hospital the decision at 39 weeks will be between vaginal delivery or CS?

katienana Tue 15-Sep-15 16:09:18

That's what I was wondering. But it seems late on to be considering the options, plus there is a good chance I could go into labour sooner than that. I just don't want to be pushing for hours like last time, and then end up with an emergency section or forceps. I think a planned section would be much less traumatic! But equally a vaginal birth minus the complications I had last time would be lovely.

ThomasDisaster Tue 15-Sep-15 16:19:36

I had a 9lb 6oz baby fist time. He got stuck on the way out resulting in forceps and a 3rd degree tear.

Because there was a risk of shoulder dystocia happening again with a bigger 2nd baby I opted for induction at 38weeks. A section was offered but I personally wanted to avoid this. Could you ask if this would be an option for you?

Agree 39weeks seems late to be deciding.

For what it's worth my consultant didn't think it was worth doing a growth scan and said he would trust my feelings about whether the baby was bigger than my first over a scan.

Christelle2207 Tue 15-Sep-15 16:39:33

You poor thing. My first birth was similar to yours though ds was only 7lb13. Horrid experience. 2nd baby was much easier, no pph and no episiotomy, minimal tearing. He was 9lb12! I was offered a c section but had vb in the end.
I imagine your worry but even if baby is big it doesn't necessarily mean complications.

slightlyconfused85 Fri 18-Sep-15 09:11:28

I had a girl 8lb8oz born at 40+1 and a boy at 39+6 weighing 7lb 14. Quite a lot lighter for little difference in gestation. Not as big as your baby but just showing you that they can be a fair bit smaller sometimes!

kep1979 Fri 23-Oct-15 10:51:42

Not quite the same as both mine were born by section but my first was 9lbs (born at 37 weeks) and with my second I wasn't offered growth scans as standard - it was only when I started measuring big again that I had growth scans and he was born (at 39 weeks) weighing 10lbs.

I am now pregnant again (38 weeks) and again not offered growth scans as standard even though I have asked. I am having the GTT again but won't be having growth scan s unless I measure big again!

samjammy Sat 24-Oct-15 17:38:42

You poor thing. DS was 9lb 9oz and very tall (also like his dad). My labour was fine really but I had quite a bad 3rd degree tear. At booking in, my MW said a lot of women opt for c-section after a 3rd degree, I wasn't keen due to recovery time, driving and having toddler to care for but open minded, however my cons. said there was no reason I couldn't deliver vaginally but they would want a sr. midwife to be 'hands on' during crowning. Am also having GTT due to his size but she said they'd only take action / do scans if I started measuring big again - however I didn't measure big until 37 weeks - and if you think you will go into labour earlyish I agree it all seems a bit too close to the bone.

I can totally appreciate why a planned c-section would be preferable and how awful the birth must have been and left you. You can I believe ask for a c-section whatever the circumstances so would you be able to have a chat with your cons. at the next appointment?

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