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Anti (little) c antibodies

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 31-Aug-15 12:52:31

Posted a while back in pregnancy talk but no luck.
Has anyone had these before? It's pretty rare I'm told and it was picked up in my 28 week bloods.
All I can find out online is that the baby might need a blood transfusion if the levels get too high.
If anyone has had it it would be helpful to hear your experiences

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EldonAve Mon 31-Aug-15 21:31:17

You should be referred to Fetal Medicine for more blood tests and scans and the levels should be checked regularly

SilverNightFairy Mon 31-Aug-15 21:36:47

Hi Op, I was diagnosed with anti JKA antibodies when pregnant with my third child. I saw a consultant and had blood drawn at every visit. My pregnancy went perfectly and I gave birth to a healthy little girl.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 31-Aug-15 22:46:54

Thank you for the replies
SilverNightFairy forgive my ignorance but is that a similar thing? I've had a repeat blood test but am still waiting on results and I don't need the consultant for another 3 weeks which is a routine appointment because I had a section last pregnancy. So I'm wondering if they should be doing more perhaps? I'm glad your little girl is fine smile

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EldonAve Mon 31-Aug-15 23:00:18

There are lots of different antibodies... this is what the guideline says about anti c
You need to get them to check your levels, what they then do depends on the level of antibodies

An anti-c level of > 7.5 iu/ml but < 20 iu/ml correlates with a moderate risk of HDFN, whereas an antic level of > 20 iu/ml correlates with a high risk of HDFN. Referral for a fetal medicine opinion should therefore be made once anti-c levels are >7.5 iu/ml.

Anti-D and anti-c levels should be measured every 4 weeks up to 28 weeks of gestation and then every 2 weeks until delivery.

SilverNightFairy Tue 01-Sep-15 03:13:11

Abbey, forgive my ignorance! I am not sure...I just remember the the shock and surprise when I received the call stating I had these antibodies present and needed follow up care. It was such frightening news. The blood results coming back with reassuring results helped make me feel better as well as the more frequent ultrasounds. I'm sending hugs to you..xx

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 01-Sep-15 15:21:03

Thank you Eldon I haven't had my results back for levels. They picked up the anti c in my routine 28 week bloods. I went in for a test the next week. Now nearly 32 weeks and waiting for results still. They said it takes more than 2 weeks as they have to be sent somewhere. Thank you for info, I can check the levels when I get them.
Thank you SilverNight I'm hoping I get some scans! I just got a letter without much info at all so far but have left a few messages for the hospital.

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NotSoFancyNancy Tue 01-Sep-15 15:27:52

Had anti c,k, C,K,E,e, in 2nd pregnancy. Low levels. Gynaecologist was not worried but paediatrician was when baby born. Mildly jaundiced but completely fine.
3rd pregnancy 22 weeks now in a different country and bloods are still coming back inconclusive. Being monitored closely though.
Try not to worry too much.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 01-Sep-15 15:39:06

Thanks Nancy I hope your pregnancy goes well.
I'm quite pleased in a way that other people have heard of it. Everyone I speak to thinks I mean anti D!

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Diggum Tue 01-Sep-15 15:46:13

Friend of mine had this. Frequent repeat tests throughout the pregnancy. The levels did begin to climb for her and she had lots of scans to check baby etc and ended up being induced I think 2 weeks early. Baby was totally fine.

It was a new one on me too but hospital and consultants seemed comfortable dealing with it and friend felt very happy with the level of care for her and her DD before and after birth.

Poledra Tue 01-Sep-15 15:58:05

Hi Abbey. I had anti-E antibodies in my second and third pregnancies. Anti-E is similar to anti-c, though rare and less likely to cause HFDN.

In my second pregnancy, the levels were low and remained that way so there was very little extra intervention.

In my third pregnancy, the levels were high (1:32 - it's measured as a titre) at the first check, and fluctuated between 1:32 and 1:256 (I think - it's been a long time!). I was referred to Foetal Medicine at 24 weeks, and had quite a lot of extra scans to look at blood flow through the baby's cerebral artery (as this can show if the baby is becoming anaemic in utero). Although the baby didn't, the consultants were very reassuring that they could and would take action if there was any problem (i.e. they would do a blood transfusion in utero).

I was induced at exactly 40 weeks, as they wanted her out, and DD3 was born weighing 8lb 11oz. She did develop HDN, and was put into SCBU with lights all round her at 11 hours old. She subsequently went bright orange and spent 4 days under the lights. Yes, it was scary but she had the very best of care. It was difficult because the doctors wanted to severly limit her time out of the lights to begin with, so I could not feed her or hold her much (I expressed for her, and she had a nasogastric tube as she was too sleepy to suck much anyway). She was released from SCBU at 5 days old and we went home 2 days later. She has not suffered any ill-consequences from it and is now a healthy stroppy 7-yo.

I remember going to the GP for her 6 week check and he was hugely interested in her condition, as he hadn't heard of it before . I'm a medical scientist so ended up sending him the scientific literature on it as he wanted to learn more!smile

Oh, and one lat thing - we did establish breastfeeding after her HDN was under control, and I fed her until she was 16 months old.

Please let me know if there's anything you want to ask, and I'll do my best! Good luck.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 01-Sep-15 21:44:13

Thanks for your responses, it's good to know I'm not alone here, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one with it

Poledra glad your DD is doing really well now.

Reading all the responses I'm not sure my hospital are clued up on it. The midwife said it's not as serious as anti D, but they have an injection for that so I'm not sure she's right?

I was also told I probably got it from blood transfusions with DS as I had placenta praevia and had a massive bleed. Does anyone know why that might've occurred? Is it just a reaction some people have to others blood? I'm rhesus positive and a really common blood group (not sure if this matters?)

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 01-Sep-15 22:35:04

I thought of another question I meant to ask. I've read that it gets worse with each pregnancy. I know I've got to get this baby safely here first but I did want more DCs, is it very risky?

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EldonAve Wed 02-Sep-15 07:10:04

It depends on your partners blood type and the babies blood type.
If they don't have "little c" then you won't react against them so no risk to the baby

They can now get the babies blood type from a sample of your blood (Non-invasive fetal genotyping).

Diggum Wed 02-Sep-15 07:28:46

And I'll just add that my friend had 3 other DC prior to this one and somehow it wasn't an issue in previous pregnancies (Maybe her levels were normal with those or it wasn't identified??). Not sure how that worked but obviously she got a good sized family without problems.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 02-Sep-15 11:42:05

Thank you, I hope they test my partner and the baby then. Not a lot seems to be happening at my hospital and I can never get anyone on the phone. I've got a form in the post for another repeat test (but no news on the second one) so I'll see if I can find someone in person when I go in for that. No news for 4 weeks now isn't great for my worrying!

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 02-Sep-15 18:26:49

I've got my results back, level is 1.75. They said exactly what Eldon said, blood test every 2 weeks and they'll worry if it gets to 7.5
It is rising she said but they'll monitor it. I'm 32 weeks now so hopefully I can get a lot further along (had DS at 36 weeks for a different reason)

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Fri 04-Sep-15 20:05:31

Another update / question from me. I've had a letter saying I've got anti E and anti K as well. They seem most bothered about the c though. I'm assuming the others will be managed in the same way?
I'll try to stop collecting letters now!

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EldonAve Sat 05-Sep-15 23:37:27

Yes they will be managed in the same way
I think the E & K are less likely to cause issues

Good luck with it all

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 06-Sep-15 19:08:57

Thanks so much for all your help. I see the consultant this week but feel a lot better now I understand what it is and the plan

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Thu 01-Oct-15 20:08:13

I'm now 36 weeks and the level has risen rapidly. It's close to the 7.5 level, although my last results are from 3 weeks ago, I've had more done today.

What am I looking at if they are at this 7.5 or above next week? I'm guessing earlier delivery perhaps? Will the baby need to go to special care?

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EldonAve Wed 07-Oct-15 20:04:03

Hi, have you had any extra scans?
My understanding is that this and the extra bloods should give them a good idea of the risk to the baby of staying in longer vs early delivery
Have you seen anyone from fetal medicine?

It's great that you have got to 36 weeks
I would think that dependent on the scans/bloods you could be looking at early delivery but that could mean 38/39 weeks instead of 42

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 07-Oct-15 20:26:05

Yes, the consultant does a scan each time I see him. I'm probably going to be having a c section at 39 weeks anyway, so hopefully can make it to that date.

Thanks for all your help

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 18-Oct-15 16:32:33

Just an update. It turns out DH has anti c too from his blood test. My levels have dropped slightly which is a relief and I'm booked in for a c section at 39 weeks.
It still seems unclear if the baby will be OK or not but they seem organised and prepared at the hospital.

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EldonAve Mon 19-Oct-15 09:05:52

That's good news that your levels have dropped

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