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How long did an induction take with a second baby?

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Sodabread Wed 26-Aug-15 13:42:38

I know there's a lot of variability, but was wondering how long an induction took with a second pregnancy? I was induced first time, given the propess by 6.30 pm, and delivered by 2 pm the next day. Early Labour probably started by midnight and luckily there were no further complications. Just wondering what to expect second time around, especially as I'm booked for 31st august and I have heard that it can be much quicker!

laundryelf Wed 26-Aug-15 14:11:16

Everyone's different but my own experience was admitted at 3pm, given pessary at 4pm and delivered at 11.30pm the same night. I did walk around the corridors for ages, doing steps/stairs as well to keep things moving. I was moved to delivery room at 11.10pm, introduced to midwife, and had some gas and air. Baby arrived 20 minutes later, was very fast. So my tip is stay active as much as possible.

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