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ok, girls, where can I hire a TENS machine....

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Helsbels Mon 10-May-04 12:45:17

... Had one last time from Boots but can't find it on their website this time, any ideas, please? Can't bear to be without one in July!!!! Thanks

hercules Mon 10-May-04 12:45:56

Boots stores have them you can hire. Just take proof of address.

Tommy Mon 10-May-04 13:59:47

Lloyds Chemists - that's where I got mine from last August. Boots tols me they weren't doing them anymore

Helsbels Mon 10-May-04 14:33:28

thanks - I'll try both -

Yorkiegirl Mon 10-May-04 14:35:11

Message withdrawn

Egypt Mon 10-May-04 18:03:54

just ordered one from here:


should get it tomorrow on special delivery. it was £22.95 i think. HOWEVER, paid online and havent received a confirmation email. Sent them an email and got my mail returned!! So.... you may want to try somewhere else. Try a search on the web.

MUSA Mon 10-May-04 18:11:43

you can also hire them from mothercare.

LIZS Mon 10-May-04 18:32:43

I got one from Naturesgate and they even sent it to Switzerland !

eddm Mon 10-May-04 18:50:39

Boots used to do them but when I had ds, last July, they'd stopped – something to do with quality control (can't remember what the problem was). Not sure if they've resumed again. Anyway, plenty of other sources here.
Good luck!

GeordieVik Mon 10-May-04 18:51:40

I got mine from, and it was pretty good. I also ordered the 'Woman's Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief' book, which I didn't feel was worth the money (£5.99 for a 25 page booklet)

kbaby Mon 10-May-04 19:32:33

Mothercare and Boots hire them out. Babycaretens are the cheapest. I just ordered one on Saturday. Also the hospitals have some which they hire free but its a case of first come first served.

popsycal Mon 10-May-04 19:54:05

i posted the place where i got mine on another thread afew wmonths ago....
cheaper that boots etc....

can't for the life of me find it though.....

search for my name and TENS and see what you come up with,,,

GeorginaA Sun 23-May-04 19:13:58

Just thought I'd add to this thread and mention I hired mine online from Maternity Tens Hire and was very pleased with the service and the condition of the unit. Found it invaluable for the birth, and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone.

Bozza Sun 23-May-04 21:05:45

Me too Georgina. Same place, same good service and great help in my labour.

donnakebabnew Tue 14-Feb-17 08:24:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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