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So what are these granny pants you all talk of?

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Focusfocus Fri 14-Aug-15 12:08:59

Packing my hospital bag wellll in advance and I am very aware I need black "granny pants". I do not need awful disposable pants, tiny knickers etc. I need granny pants that can comfortably hold the mahoosive maternity pads and in case of an EMCS (just being prepared) go over the scar.

Can someone please post some clickey links to these granny pants? 'afraid describing them won't do as I am not sure what I am getting. I am a size 12 and have stayed a size 12 and got 8 weeks till term.

Ta muchly from my future sore bits.

OhHolyFuck Fri 14-Aug-15 12:11:45

something like this - massive, come up high, no bum wedges and cotton

SignoraStronza Fri 14-Aug-15 12:12:26

Eternalsunshines Fri 14-Aug-15 12:17:49

Asda do a pack called "full briefs" oh the glamour but they're spot on.

Focusfocus Fri 14-Aug-15 12:41:53

Thanks, checking these out now! I did get the tesco full briefs one size up (I am in size 12 maternity leggings or normal size 12 non-maternity yoga pants) - but then DH helpfully pointed out to me that my bum cheeks are hanging out a bit on each side which was immediately followed up by him saying he has a massive tummy and 6 tummy rolls which he doesn't

newtonupontheheath Fri 14-Aug-15 13:57:03

I've got the Asda ones Eternal
mentions. Wearing them now in fact wink I got a size 12, which is a size bigger than the normal ones I was wearing. I should have got one pack 14 and one 12 as weds and yesterday they were diggy in my tummy but ok today (baby born weds)

mmollytoots Fri 14-Aug-15 16:53:53

I'm still wearing my granny pants a year later hmm ps I'm 25

mmollytoots Fri 14-Aug-15 16:54:11

I'm size 12 and I got 14

DinosaursRoar Fri 14-Aug-15 19:20:44

Sainsburys full pants were my choice, up 2 sizes would be best.

sianihedgehog Fri 14-Aug-15 19:56:32

I'm a 12, got size 14-16 and size 18-20. Size 18-20 goes comfortably over my 40 week bump, but I think 14-16 would be fine, too.

Eternalsunshines Fri 14-Aug-15 20:34:55

I'm 26 and love a good pair of granny pants!

Archer26 Fri 14-Aug-15 20:45:32

I got multi packs from tesco, 2 sizes up from my usual. Wore them whilst heavily pregnant and then for a while (read, still wearing) after.

So so comfy. I am a complete convert to granny pants, sod my allure.

Focusfocus Fri 14-Aug-15 21:04:34

Ah ok - its the 2 sizes up thing that I didn't figure out. Ok, done Black Full Briefs 2 sizes up is what mumsnet means by "granny pants" - will get them tomorrow!!

bugoven Fri 14-Aug-15 21:13:11

I have a selection of granny pants, all black just 2 sizes up. My favourites are from M&S and even have a lacey trim! I was given them (new in pack) by a friend who had lost a lot of weight and dismissed them at first. I tried them towards the end of my last pregnancy then ended up with EMCS and they were perfect and comfortable. That was August 2014 and I have worn only them since and am now 26 weeks with DS2 so am still "allowed" to wear them. If I am ever not pregnant or recovering again I will just go down a size. I love them!

Runningupthathill82 Sat 15-Aug-15 14:54:02

Yep, the M&S full briefs here, two sizes up. So comfortable!

FeelTheNoise Sat 15-Aug-15 23:35:38

They're the monstrosities my mum bought for me today! I'm 37 and somewhat horrified by them grin

I'm a size 12, and these are 14/16s. According to the picture on the packet they'll come up to my waist.

eurochick Sat 15-Aug-15 23:39:37

The m and s ones linked. I bought some one size up and some two sizes up. The latter were better after my section

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