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Elective Section - walk me through it

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Purpleball Mon 10-Aug-15 21:36:30

I'm having an ELCS in 4 weeks time and have no idea what to expect.

I'd really appreciate if anyone could share their experience and what happens on the day. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic so I think we probably wouldn't have to wait around too long.

I'm getting quite anxious about the whole thing so I'd really like some reassurance.
Were you able to do skin to skin? How soon could you breastfeed?
Did you delay cord clamping? How long before you could get up?
How much did you bleed afterwards and for how long?
How long were you in hospital for?
What was your recovery time like? Was it 6 weeks before you drove?

Thanks in advance

Kaz1904 Mon 10-Aug-15 23:22:56

I am booked in for an elective section next week as my baby is breech so I'm really interested in the replies you get to this smile

mrsg1888 Mon 10-Aug-15 23:37:00

Mines is booked 2 weeks today. So I'm no help yet but would love to see replys. Good luck with yours girls smileenvy

Ponyboycurtis Mon 10-Aug-15 23:45:16


Hope I can answer some questions - I had a ElCS 6yrs ago with my ID twins. They asked me beforehand if I wanted skin to skin, breastfeed etc, I said yes to both. 1st baby skin to skin straight away, 2nd had some trouble breathing for a matter of seconds (felt like forever) and then she came straight to me and I passed 1st baby to Dad.
Spent a few hours in recovery and attempted to get the girls to latch on, whilst here I did keep being sick but think that was due to dehydration more than anything else. Taken to ward early evening - had some assistance with BF. Next morning up and showered by 7am. Felt a bit weak and fragile but think thats to be expected whatever your birth experience is.
I had the girls on Tuesday, home Friday morning. Didn't drive for the full 6weeks.
Bled quite heavily for a few weeks, used Always nighttime rather than maternity ones.
Best advice I can give is to take pain relief even if u think u don't need it, better to keep it at bay rather than trying to make it go away and be gentle with yourself, if people offer to help say 'yes please'.
I had a very positive experience.

One more thing - I'm quite claustrophobic and for some reason thought the whole 'numb from the neck down' would panic me but I was surprisingly calm. I did keep moving my legs (even though I couldn't feel them, I sort of wiggled them) and feeling came back within a few hours of being on the ward.

Purpleball Tue 11-Aug-15 07:57:56

Thanks pony, that's very helpful smile

LovelyWeatherForDucks Tue 11-Aug-15 08:52:15

I've had two (breech babies). the main thing I've found that things like skin to skin, cord clamping etc slightly depends on the surgeon on the day - from conversations with friends etc this can vary a lot! With both of mine, baby was taken immediately by midwives (they needed some help clearing their lungs) then wrapped up like a burrito in a hospital blanket and given to DH while they sewed me up (45 mins or so). I asked to have curtain lowered to see baby lifted but as they needed a few puffs of oxygen this wasn't possible. I was quite shaky from the drugs so didn't hold him. Had skin to skin, breastfeed as soon as we got out of theatre.
In terms of recovery, I was in 3 nights last time (usual is 2). The next morning I was helped to have a shower and it really helps to get moving. Had to have cannula and catheter in for 48 hours which made changing position etc a bit difficult. I found sitting on the hospital bed really uncomfy after 3 days, so move around / sit in chair as much as poss. Agree that you should take all the drugs offered (and ask if you need more!) , also ask for lactulose and peppermint water if not offered. Felt mostly fine after a week, and pretty much normal by 2 weeks. Driving at about 4 weeks. Bled for about 4 weeks but very lightly.

lotsoftoast Tue 11-Aug-15 11:09:30

I had a lovely natural section with skin to skin, screen lowered etc. I'll link you to my birth story later x

Purpleball Tue 11-Aug-15 21:33:07

Thanks, it all helps

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