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Did you wax (or trim/use cream or whatever) your fanjo in preparation for giving birth??

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LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 14:11:41

And if so why??

Hand on heart, right now I really couldn't give a flying fu*k what my fanjo looks like. I'm sure the MW doesn't care either.

Why put yourself through the agony of waxing when PG (I've done it once to go on holiday when PG so I know it bloody hurt 10,000 times more)and why tie your self up in knots trying to trim or apply cream???

I just don't get it.

Quootiepie Thu 23-Nov-06 14:13:51

I let mine grow out, and trimmed it I thought a neatly trimmed but bushy one, was better than stubble

ScoobyDooooo Thu 23-Nov-06 14:16:01

I just trimmed mine & to be quite honest did not care less,the way my fanjo looked was the last thing on my mind

cupcakes Thu 23-Nov-06 14:16:40

I am booked in for a half leg wax the day before I am 39 weeks - and my waxer has persuaded me to get a bikini as well. I thought I'd skip it on this occasion and I might well just stick to the legs if I don't fancy it.
It's not for the midwife's benefit though. It's just to get one more thing done and out of the way so that I won't have to think about getting it done for a while afterwards.
Am getting haircut for same reason.

MKG Thu 23-Nov-06 14:16:59

I made sure I was shaved and pedicured. Of course I can't stand being hairy so it was more out of habit than anything. It was funny because as my feet were being propped up during pushing the nurse commented on my newly painted toes. I figured that as I was doing one of the most unglamorous things in the world, I could at least make myself feel glamorous a little.

expatinscotland Thu 23-Nov-06 14:17:35

Professional wax.

I've been doing it for years, though.

sasa15 Thu 23-Nov-06 14:17:37

I always wax....legs and bikini...
I think I also trimmed the f...

cupcakes Thu 23-Nov-06 14:17:41

I've been getting it done regualrly for years and don't actually find it that painful anymore.

Ponka Thu 23-Nov-06 14:17:56

No way! I couldn't see/reach down there to do it!

expatinscotland Thu 23-Nov-06 14:18:38

Same here, cupcakes.

nailpolish Thu 23-Nov-06 14:20:24

i got dh to do it

nailpolish Thu 23-Nov-06 14:20:47

also got dh to paint my toenails

nailpolish Thu 23-Nov-06 14:21:17

i was in the early stages of labour at that point iirc..

LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 14:22:03

Honestly the thought of of waxing or trimming or whatever just feels like one great big chore.

I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.

I have a neat fanjo whne not PG but doing it when PG just doen't even enter my head, certainly not at this stage anyway.

Rookiemum Thu 23-Nov-06 14:32:13

Nobody worries about that surely. I couldn't see down there for the last couple of months so it scertainly wasn't on my mind.

nailpolish Thu 23-Nov-06 14:32:44

i have to say i did worry about it

maltatheterrible Thu 23-Nov-06 14:34:53

I thought it might be an idea to try and get the "under carriage" hair free, in preparation for this horrendous sounding lochia/maternity pads situation. Don't care what the midwifes think though.
The thought of it getting all clogged up with hair makes me want to urge (waaaay tmi!) and I thought it'd be easier to wipe clean that way......or maybe I've just thought about this too much

motherinferior Thu 23-Nov-06 14:35:11

No. I don't worry madly about pubic topiary in any case, but frankly no no no.

I did have my (head) hair cut though; and would have retouched my roots but went into labour instead.

IdrisTheDragon Thu 23-Nov-06 14:35:17

I didn't do anything at all before DS and so had a veritable bush.

Post birth I realised this had been a mistake as it got very matted with blood.

So with DD I trimmed. But only so there was less hair to get matted afterwards.

Sugarfree Thu 23-Nov-06 14:38:24

Dh shaved the top inch the morning before 2 of my sections.Does that count.
Neither time was it in any way as erotic as he thought it sounded when asked.

maltatheterrible Thu 23-Nov-06 14:40:08

Idris - thank you for admitting that one, I knew it was a possibility but DH thinks I'm nuts!!
Maybe he thinks I'm going to try and pull the male doctors

LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 14:42:10

I admit I did use the cream method early on in this PG to see if it made the less likely to get thrush.

I (seriously) have trouble reaching down there now(bump is very very low) without risking injury so there no way I could do it again....and theres no way on this god earth I'd let DH anaywhere near it with scissors or a razor!!

IdrisTheDragon Thu 23-Nov-06 14:42:29

When DS was a few days old, I got out the scissors and cut off the worst bits .

There are times when I am very glad this is the internet and no one knows me .

sandyballs Thu 23-Nov-06 14:43:09


LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 14:43:47

I've done that after each birth idris.
No doubt I will again this time too.

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