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Didyeaye Sun 02-Aug-15 11:10:59

I'm 38+4. I started having cramps and tightenings Monday/Tuesday (tho strangely these don't seem to happen at the same time!) and most of my pain is in my back so been told to get on the gym ball as baby may be back to back.
I've been having a bloody show/mucus stuff since Tuesday.
Saw my midwife on Friday who examined me and confirmed I was 1cm dilated, cervix soft and anterior. Today I have stronger crampy feelings as if I have a dodgy tum but I don't.
So whennnnnnn will labour start properly?
(I know there's no straightforward answer but I'm too impatient for this nonsense grin)

NewLife4Me Sun 02-Aug-15 18:12:07

Ah, couldn't leave you unanswered.
I don't know I'm afraid.
Trying not to be smug but mine were really quick and straight after show/ waters breaking.
If you think you are having stronger contractions call your midwife for clarification. As you noted above there is no definite answer as we are all different. It doesn't sound too far away from what you suggest but I'm no hc professional.
Good luck thanks and hope somebody more useful comes along

InQuiteAPickle Sun 02-Aug-15 18:21:28

It's hard to say. With DD1 I never had a show or cramps/contractions until labour started.

With DD2 I was losing bits of mucus for days (sorry if TMI) and had contractions for 12 days before she was born. I saw the midwife on the 13th February who gave me a sweep and told me I was 2cms dilated and she would probably see me later on as I would probably go into labour hmm. DD was born on 22nd!

I must add that it was a nice, relatively quick labour so all of the previous contractions must have been doing something smile.

Good luck and congratulations! Hope your baby arrives soon smile flowers.

Didyeaye Sun 02-Aug-15 22:23:29

grin thanks for talking to me!
I'll hope for somewhere in between your straight away story new and your 12 day story in teehee!

Spose your stories just go to show it's so different for everyone. I just want her here now but know I'm gonna have to just take it as it comes. Nothing more going on today so heading to bed, hopefully get a good sleep and see what happens tomorrow!
Thanks for the good luck too!

mrsg1888 Mon 03-Aug-15 23:59:11

Couldn't even think to type for laughing at ur username grin I use that toooo much just now
Nothing helpful unfortunately last time my show and cramps didn't start till 40+6 and I had to be induced but if it is back labour I've heard it can be really slow to fully feel like labour due to position.
A friend of mine was told to go on all fours and roll elbows back and forth to try and encourage baby to drop forward too.
Hope it's not long for u

Didyeaye Tue 04-Aug-15 10:53:15

grin mrsg

I've given up now and gone back to expecting to go 12 days over and be induced! Nothing happening this week and that's a week today since the first show. Pfffft thought she would be here by the end of the weekend at the latest! Thanks for the tip, I was on all fours yday trying it out (ha! Sounds dodgy...) and between that, bouncing on the ball and standing ironing, baby now seems to be happily turned round so hoping she stays that way now for my 3 week wait hahahahaha

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