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Waters have broken. Now what?

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MuddyWellyNelly Thu 30-Jul-15 09:31:04

Waters broke at 11pm last night, after a sweep earlier in the day. Went into hospital and baby was fine on trace, no meconium, bit of bloody show. My BP was very high so they took blood and everything was normal so I think that was just apprehension. Also it's boiling in there! So have been home since 3 and was having contractions every 10 minutes but they've reduced in frequency for now. I've to go back in at 8 and was surprised that they'd still do the pessary first. I kind of assumed they'd go straight to drip.

I am massively against induction in general but understand why it is necessary here. But would still like to maintain as much control as possible. If things progress on their own or with pessary, can I resist the drip or will I be quoted timescales? I know they say 24 hours to go into labour, but once it has actually started, will they aim to have baby out in a certain window?

Any experiences? I've done so much flipping research but didn't dwell on this scenario much as it is not that common.

Topsy34 Thu 30-Jul-15 10:54:36

The NICE guidleines say that induction should be OFFERED at post 24 hours watres breaking to prevent infection.

you can opt for expectant management, and not be induced. Decline any internal examinations, no baths, no sex to reduce the chance of infection getting in

Quinandthem Thu 30-Jul-15 11:09:34

Similar thing happened to me.

Waters went in morning and nothing happened - no contractions at all.

Had to go in at 8pm. Had pessary at 9pm when 2cm.

Baby born by 4.30am.

No mention of drip. Could have had a mw led water birth but just before leaving the induction ward baby did a massive poo and hb went a bit dodgy so had to go consultant.

Could still go for walks and have a bath on induction ward.

You had to be 5cm before going to mw/consultant ward but that could just be my hospital.

All in all a good experience and wouldn't mind doing it again (35wks pregnant).

Personally believe that your baby is ready and just needs a bit of encouragement come out so hopefully you won't require must interventions.

I think drip usually gets involved for people who a induced early when baby isn't ready.

Just think your baby will be in your arms soon.

Quinandthem Thu 30-Jul-15 11:12:52

Also I don't get why people are so against an internal to see how far you are dilated.

I actively wanted to know and it's a good job I did as I was further dilated than they guessed.

123Jump Thu 30-Jul-15 14:06:49

People are only against things that they don't, personally, want. If you want an internal exam have one, but you shouldn't have one if you don't want it!
Good luck OP, remember that you can refuse or agree to things at any time. If you start induction, it does not automatically mean that you agree to every aspect of induction.
I would take the pessary if offered, but turn down the drip, as i never want epidurals. Hope all goes as you want.

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