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What happens if you get induced for being "overdue"?

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BotBotticelli Wed 29-Jul-15 14:40:13

Ds2 is already 5 days late. MW cannot reach cervix to do a sweep. So I am starting to accept that I might need to be induced next week if things don't start on their own.

Am going to let the hospital book me in for induction next Thursday when I will be 40+13.

This is one day later than they normally do it, and for various reasons (will be fed up by then, ds1 has a full day nursery place that day etc etc) it feels right for me.

But because I went into spontaneous labour last time at 40+6 I have no idea what to expect of the induction process. Please can someone tell me what to expect??

Will it take days??
If the pessary works and then I labour "normally" (ie not on the drip) will I be able to go in the birth centre/use the pool? Or is it labour ward all the way?
Will I need to be continuously monitored once the pessary is in? Or will I be able to get up/walk around/go to the hospital cafe (!) etc etc?? - sorry if that's a daft question I have no idea!

Anyone's experiences gratefully appreciated...especially if you were induced with your second baby. Does this mean is might work better/quicker cos I had a spontaneous vaginal delivery before??

PleaseGetOffTheTableDarling Wed 29-Jul-15 14:51:52

I was induced with DC1...went in at 7:30 am on the Weds, had three 'doses' of the pessary and numerous examinations across the course of the day but no movement so had to stay overnight and start the process again the next day. Two more pessaries then on the drip at 2pm Thursday, DD was born at 9:30pm. Until going on the drip I was encouraged to walk and move as much as possible but once on the drip you're pretty stuck. I have heard different things from different midwives about whether birth centres will accept induced women but I think you're going to have to be very assertive if that's what you want!
As this was my first birth I can't answer your last few questions but I can say that when DC2 came along it was very very different (natural, not induced etc) so I think it's probably true that all births are unique!
Happy to go into more detail if you have more questions but don't want to hijack.
Good luck with it all, enjoy your new baby when you get to meet them!

PleaseGetOffTheTableDarling Wed 29-Jul-15 15:03:12

I missed a bit... artificial rupture of membranes at 12:00 Thursday lunchtime. This got contractions going but doctors (who had not actually met me, let alone examined me) decided I was getting tired and we needed to move things along, hence the drip. I wish I had been more confident in refusing - I wasn't sure whether to post this as don't want to be a horror story teller, but I wish I had known beforehand about the 'landslide of intervention ' and thought about how to stop it, so decided to post in case it helps you do that.

evilgiraffe Wed 29-Jul-15 21:33:49

It probably depends on how ready your body is to give birth. I saw the midwife for a sweep at 40+8, and like you there was no chance! Booked for induction at 40+11 (a Monday). Had the pessary at 5pm Monday night, mooched around hospital grounds and had picnic tea with DH until 10pm when DH went home and I stayed on antenatal ward. Got maybe 1.5 hours sleep, around midnight woke with period pain type cramps. Went back and forth to the loo, then when turning over in bed felt a big gush - thought it was waters going, but was in fact blood. Midwife took me down to labour ward, DH joined us at 3am, midwife broke my waters. All moved quite well up to 5cm by 7am or so, then slowed, so drip was suggested. Waited 45min for anaesthetist, so as to have epidural before drip got going. Was fully dilated by 9.30pm, but baby's head deemed too big and awkward presentation for vaginal birth, so whisked off for EMCS - all very civilised as no actual emergency, baby and I were fine. Got skin to skin in recovery ward, breastfed, was on postnatal ward by 3am Wednesday and went home Thursday evening.

There was no option for me to use the lovely MLU in my hospital, they keep inductees on the labour ward. Everything was fine, and for most of my labour I had two midwives (one in training) present. It was a lovely experience smile

No idea about second births, I'm afraid!

babybear9 Thu 30-Jul-15 14:25:06

I can see why you'd want to choose a day little one in nursery all day but it's not quite like choosing a day for C section. I've got friends who were induced and 6hrs later had a baby. I personally had the first pessary inserted at 8am on a sunday morning. I won't go into detail but it did nothing, 24hrs later i had the next level up thing and in the end they had to break waters Tuesday night as still nothing. Baby arrived early Wednesday morning eventually so it can take a good few days!

LibrariesGaveUsPower Thu 30-Jul-15 21:01:48

I haven't been , bit know two people induced for a second who have had quick straightforward births. A proven cervix is a good sign. smile

From what I know, no continuous monitoring after pessary. But you might have a period of monitoring.

Generally not on MLU or pool but depends on hospital.

Topsyloulou Sun 02-Aug-15 09:22:09

I think it differs greatly between hospitals. My experience was pessary in for 24 hours. During this time they encourage you to walk round the hospital but you do have to stay in. After that I had to wait to have my waters broken, luckily they went on their own after 2 hours. Once I was at 5cm I was transferred to delivery. At our hospital you have to go onto consultant led and have constant monitoring but I was lucky enough to get wireless monitors so I could move around. Labour slowed down so I was then given an epidural & the drip so no more walking around. I developed an infection so after a couple of hours on the drip & not getting further than 9.5cm I had emcs. DS was born at 3.15pm on the Friday, I went in at 1pm on the Wednesday so it can take some time.

bambooyoohoo Sun 02-Aug-15 09:29:57

If it's your second baby inductions are often a lot quicker, apparently. I was induced with DC2. I had one pessary at 11 am, did loads of walking around the hospital etc. 5 hours later I was having mild contractions, by 9pm I was in full labour and DC2 was born just after midnight! So, once it got going it was just like a normal birth, and I only needed gas and air.

Unfortunately they wouldn't let me into the birthing centre, and they said I wouldn't have been allowed into the birthing pool because of all the monitoring. They did bring me a birthing ball when I asked for one, which helped, and they encouraged me to walk around as much as possible.

villainousbroodmare Sun 02-Aug-15 09:38:27

I went in at 6am two weeks ago, 41+1. Cervix v posterior, hard to reach and closed. Pessary (prostaglandin-impregnated piece of soft tape) in by 8, on and off monitors over the course of the day. Could walk around when not on monitor. V dull for ages. Asked DH to go home to take the dog for a walk! Contractions began mid-afternoon but cervix unchanged. By 7pm contractions close and strong but cervix barely open. By 8pm 1.5min contractions every 2min, used about 5 puke basins and apparently threatened DH that if the anaesthetist wasn't coming soon to give me an epidural there'd be hell to pay. hmm Seemingly I also said that I would never let him near me again! blush
At this stage I was 5cm dilated, got epi (oh sweet relief) but then cervix apparently started to close again, was bleeding and with the baby's heart rate dropping I was whisked to theatre for an EMCS.
All well in the end. Even though events didn't go according to plan, I felt things were well supervised and under control throughout, and post CS I've honestly only had one day of mild discomfort.
I hope you have an easy time, and enjoy your baby!

blackkat1978 Tue 04-Aug-15 23:11:05

I just wanted to add that you don't have to have an induction for being overdue. Unless there is a medical reason to get the baby out there's no reason to opt for a medicalised birth if you don't want to. You can opt to have monitoring. If induction is what you want I hope it goes well. My son (second child) arrived naturally at 40+13 which was the day before I was due for my 1st monitoring session.

Impala77 Tue 04-Aug-15 23:32:08

I would think second babies are quicker, I only have 1 child who was induced.
I went in 10am Monday and she was born 8am Wednesday.
My sister was also induced she went in Saturday and he was born Wednesday morning, so it can take days.

Topsy34 Wed 05-Aug-15 08:51:05

I was just coming on to say the same as blackkat

Speak to them about alternative induction methods, Foley catheter used to be used alot and stopped in favour of medication, but coming back now. Ita non medicalised, and drug free

MissDuke Wed 05-Aug-15 09:51:56

It really does depend on the hospital. Mine use a pessary that remains in for 24 hours or until labour is established. The majority of people who have had a baby previously will go into labour with this (but not everyone!) which means that they have the option to go to the birth centre/ have a water birth. Some unfortunately won't go into labour, and the plan for these women is to go to labour ward to have their waters broken and a drip put up to stimulate contractions.

You could still go yourself before then, just try and keep active and have sex if you can bear it grin and see what happens. Good luck!

Guyropes Wed 05-Aug-15 15:30:51

Hi topsy, can you tell us more about this Foley catheter? Thanks

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