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My ELCS story.

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Nottalotta Sat 25-Jul-15 05:38:28

I have asked a few questions and got good responses so thought i would share. DS born by C section , due to being breech. He was delivered at lunchtime and we are at 5am the following day.

I had rough phone the hospital at 8am, they said we were good to go and to come in. We arrived around 9 and were shown to an individual room which had a small theatre attached. Various people came to chat and talk through their roles. I was told it had got a bit busy so may be a little wait but actually walked into theatre at about 11.50 so not bad at all.

I had a canula put in, then the spinal. Which i had been scared of but was fine. I did react badly too it with dropped heart rate and vomiting for 10minute, but this was due to a pre existing condition and was managed well. Also catheter. DS appeared less than 10 minutes after that!!

All very calm, DH watched him emerge, cut the cord etc and he was placed on my chest where he started to feed almost immediately! (and has barely stopped......)

So, all in all, pleasant and straightforward!!

bettybyebye Sat 25-Jul-15 06:02:02

Aww congratulations! Lovely story. My dd was born on Monday so with you on the constant feeding! smile

Sparky888 Sat 25-Jul-15 14:43:29

Thanks for the positive story! Congratulations!!

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