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Prices for private maternity care at catharine medical centre, Liverpool womens

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Srbell Fri 24-Jul-15 12:21:24

Hi, does anyone have an idea of the cost for private room and post natal care at the catharine medical centre in LWH?
I'm having my first child in December and registered at Liverpool womens.
I've heard great and not so great things about LWH but one of my biggest concerns is after delivery and the wards and care.
I don't mind being on a ward but I'd prefer a private room so there are less restrictions on visitors. Also as its my first I'd like to know I'll get the support and care I need post delivery, and I've heard they can be really understaffed around Christmas.
So I'm going to look into the private catharine medical centre within LWH. But I don't want to start making lots of enquiries and visits if the cost is going to be extortionate.

RedToothBrush Fri 24-Jul-15 12:50:50

I believe its pretty small, and I think only recently started advertising as doing private maternity in addition to gynaecology and cosmetic surgery, so you may struggle with getting prices from MN. I suspect there aren't too many women who have used it to date for this purpose. It also isn't a specialist maternity facility although it is in the Women's. This means the staff there may not be as specialised as in the maternity department.

I think you would be wise to find out not just the cost but also some stuff about staff and what support they offer for maternity (eg is there breast feeding support etc).

I don't know what you think is extortionate, but I would imagine its not going to be hugely different to private maternity prices in London which come in around £10 - 15k if that gives you something to start from.

If you are concerned about going with the NHS there, have a chat one of the midwives there. They do allow partners to stay overnight if that helps too. My knowledge of the hospital is that it is great even when they have been really short staffed. Just be persistent in asking for things.

Frillsandspills Sun 02-Aug-15 15:21:05

Hi Sarah,
I'm also due to give birth at LWH in December. I'm due on the 18th so I've also been worried about the shortage of staff around the time.

Ive read/heard that you can hire a room for around £70 (I think that's what a friend told me) for after you've given birth if you don't want to be on a ward with other people.

I'll try having a look and post back but I'd ask your midwife about it which is what I'm going to do as I have no idea how I'd go about trying to book one.

Srbell Sun 02-Aug-15 19:44:28

Hi, thank you very much for replying.
Redtoothbrush your comment was really helpful as I hadn't thought that the private centre wouldn't be as specialist as the nhs.
I think both of you are right in saying I should talk to my midwife about all my concerns and look into the private rooms within the nhs too.

Thanks very much

Sarah smile

ImperialBlether Sun 02-Aug-15 19:46:48

I had a private room there years ago. I wouldn't go for private care, though; you will see exactly the same doctors - that's if you need to see much of a doctor afterwards anyway.

ohdearitshappeningtome Sun 02-Aug-15 19:50:19

Private care doesn't guarantee unrestricted visitors.

Kali29 Mon 03-Aug-15 00:24:23

I had my post-natal care at the Catharine Medical Centre at LWH at the end of May this year (2015) which was fantastic with my care and treatment given by a team
of very experienced midwives.

My en-suite room was modern, clean and spacious with a pull-out Z bed brought in for my husband at night. There was no restrictions on visitors.

For info on costs etc i'd recommend contacting the centre direct as they tailor to your own needs; prices started in from £965 in May.

With regards to a private room on NHS wards I was informed that you could request one (and pay approx £150) but availability was dependent on as long there wasn't a higher dependency case in.

I'd recommend registering on-line with Maternity Assist at LWH which provide on-line advice and guidance on all of the above and more- they also provide tours of the wards, and contacting CMC at the same time to organisie a tour there as well; this is what we did.

Hope this helps and all the best!

AndNowItsSeven Mon 03-Aug-15 01:14:39

Private rooms in the women's with nhs care are £30 a night . Your dp can stay and breakfast is included.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 03-Aug-15 01:17:38

Alternatively if you transfer to Arrowe park on the Wirral all nhs wards are single rooms and free.

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