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One, ONE random contraction, early labour?

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PelvicClench Fri 24-Jul-15 10:04:41

Currently pregnant with DC2 at 37+1 (DC1 was eight days late and an induction after waters broke but nothing happened).

I have no experience of going into labour naturally but have experienced lots of twinges, BH, sciatica and shooting pains in the fanjo both times. Baby is head down and engaged.

Last night I woke up to a contraction, moved around to make sure it wasn't BH, definitely not. Pain across my back and rock hard stomach, lasted about a minute and took my breath away... Then nothing...

Anyone else had this?

slightlyconfused85 Fri 24-Jul-15 10:08:01

I had the odd random comtraction for about a week before my labour started with regular contractions. I think it can happen for a while beforehand although it could be close for you smile

PelvicClench Fri 24-Jul-15 11:22:36

Thanks for your reply slightly, the MW said 'another big baby' and although you think it's a load of rubbish the last few weeks drag!

When did you go into labour? smile

slightlyconfused85 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:05:15

I had the odd bizarre contraction from 38+5 then labour started proper at 39+5 and he was born the following day. He's a week old now smile

Christelle2207 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:09:58

I had a few contractions at 41 wks-I called my mother to get her to come look after dc1. They stopped but when I went to see mw for my 41wk appointment she examined me and declared me to be not dilating at allshock. Nothing happened for three days confused but then they started again and it was the real thing that time.
I reckon a sign things are moving in the right direction at least.
Good luck- my second labour was much quicker and more straightforward.

UrethraFranklin1 Fri 24-Jul-15 16:34:51

BH can be painful, I dont know why so many sources say otherwise.

Random painful contractions are fairly common. If they don't continue or progress they aren't usually anything to worry about.

PelvicClench Fri 24-Jul-15 18:21:56

Ah maybe that's what it was, don't want to be the woman who cried labour!

It felt very contraction like, but just one isn't going to make waves...

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