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Positive "big baby" stories please!!

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BotBotticelli Thu 23-Jul-15 09:32:58

I am 39+6 with ds2. Midwife tried to do a sweep yesterday but cervix was too high/posterior for her to reach. So basically, labour does not seem to be imminent.

Ds1 was 9lb4 when he was born at 41 weeks exactly. I went into labour spontaneously with him, 2 days after a sweep and had a normal vaginal delivery.

Looks like my second baby is going to be overdue as well. I am trying not to worry about this baby's size BUT I had a scan a few weeks ago which estimated he was already 9lb7oz at 38 weeks!!!

I know these scans can be massively inaccurate and the MWs don't seem worried ("you had a big baby last time with no help, you can do it again")...and my birth last time was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

BUT....I have some sneaking fears creeping in that this baby is going to be an 11lb monster and is gonna rip me in half on the way out :-/

Please can some of you ladies who've had big babies reassure me that I CAN do this again?? And that the odds are on my side - if I had a big baby first time with no assistance needed, this one will be ok too, right??

How much worse would a 10lb baby be, compared to a 9lb4 baby??

stopeatingbiscuits Thu 23-Jul-15 11:41:32

My first baby was 8lb 3 at 38 weeks. Seven hours of labour from first contraction to babe in arms, including two hours of pushing. Gas and air only (I did have syntocinin at one point as contractions slowed). One internal stitch for a 1st degree tear (and she debated whether to even bother stitching it).

My second was 10lb 11 at 40+5. Labour was 1 hour 45 mins from waters breaking to babe in arms. Pushing for about 20 minutes, delivered him standing up. I had a couple of stitches for a 1st degree tear.

You can TOTALLY do this. I think after a big first one especially you will be amazed at how your body remembers what to do. My second labour was much easier than the first - I never really felt the urge to push with #1 whereas with #2 it was entirely outside of my control! Excited for you!

I am pregnant with #3 and marginally concerned at how big it might be... hmm

5madthings Thu 23-Jul-15 11:44:50

You can totally do this, after three babies of 9lb+ no 4 was 10lb 13oz, my easiest labour, was induced but then laboured in under an hour and had him in birth pool with just a bit of gas and air. Didn't even gave to push. No tears, just a graze and his head was off the top of the centile chart.

You have given birth to a nine pound baby, you will be fine.

Position is more important than size so kook at optimal fetal positioning and encourage baby into a good position.

Good luck!

5madthings Thu 23-Jul-15 11:47:53

stopeating o was slightly concerned how big number five would be after Ds4 being so big, but she was 8lb exactly! My smallest baby! I knew she wasn't as big as Ds4 as she just didn't feel as heavy but assumed she would be 9lb+ like my first three, but nope. She seemed tiny at first. Ironically her labour was the hardest, only three hours but she was back to back and it hurt like hell, but totally worth it.

samlamb Thu 23-Jul-15 12:40:40

First DS 10lb 2 12 hours labour pushed him out after half an hour after being threatened with forceps! Internal and external stitches done but couldn't feel them as had an epidural. No problem at all and didn't get any pain from the stitches, they all healed well.
Was a breeze smile

LongDayAlready Thu 23-Jul-15 14:41:59

DC1 was 12 hours, fairly straightforward, 8lbs 5oz.

I was very concerned with DC2 as I felt massive but never saw same midwife twice due to staffing issues and no one seemed concerned. She arrived after a 6-hour labour, the first 5 hours of which were a breeze, hardly any pain. Ramped up a bit at the end, had a 5 minute second stage and she shot out weighing 9lbs 10oz - two days late. As PPs have said, I felt no need to push, she just came out. 2nd degree tear the same as with DD1 and very quick recovery although it took a while for stomach muscles to go back together. MW said second deliveries often good as your body knows what to do.

Am now expecting DC4 and looking similar size to dc2 and remembering that she was my easiest birth - DC3 was more drawn out, 9 days over and a mere 8lbs 13 in comparison.

Best of luck!

babyiwantabump Thu 23-Jul-15 14:44:08

DC2 was 10lb 9 oz . Quick 2 hour labour pushing for 40 mins . Homebirth. Lovely.

You can do it!

TheWildRumpyPumpus Thu 23-Jul-15 14:47:05

DS1 was 8lb 13, 8 hr labour which wasn't too bad, although had some complications afterwards.

DS2 was 11lb 3, 3hr labour max, slight tear, much easier recovery, only kept in overnight as he was so big so he had to have blood tests.

BotBotticelli Thu 23-Jul-15 17:50:18

Thank you thank you thank you ladies!!! I am feeling empowered and inspired now, rather than fearful and nervous!

I was hoping to have a home birth but there's been some concerns about the baby's position (the little monkey somehow disengaged his head at 38 weeks and went transverse for a few days which has put the fear of God up my midwifery team!)....he is a very active mobile baby and I cannot tell what position he is in from one day to the next.

At my 39 week MW appointment she said he was head down but not engaged at all. So they're a bit worried that he might move into a transverse lie again at the last minute.

So I have now agreed to have him at the hospital-based MLU as a safety precaution (basically, if there's any concern about his position/presentation on the day, the doctors with their scanning machines are just across the corridor).

WombOfOnesOwn Fri 24-Jul-15 17:16:28

Babies grow very little after 40 weeks typically. Some even get smaller, due to the placenta not producing as much nutrient wise.

A good friend of mine had an 11 pounder at home. Keep in mind that extra weight in babies does NOT mean a larger head circumference, and the head is the only part that isn't super "squishy." And even the head molds--I was outraged when a friend told me her doctors said after her c-section that she could never have vaginally birthed her first, because the head was 15 cm and dilation only goes to 10--ridiculous, insane, head molding is how that is taken care of.

Don't let people scare you about "big babies." They're fattier and squoodgier, but that doesn't make their BONES bigger or less flexible.

Waveney Fri 24-Jul-15 17:20:13

You can do it! My babies were 10lb10 and 10lb4, both born vaginally w no serious tearing. Second one was born in four hours with no pain relief. Read Ina May's guide to childbirth for lots of good techniques and don't worry, you'll be fine.

Branleuse Fri 24-Jul-15 17:27:56

my 2nd baby was 10lb, and whilst obviously it hurt, it was actually no worse than the others who were significantly smaller, in fact it was a homebirth and apart from a bit of gas and air and the beginning of labour, which i quickly realised was making me feel sick, I had no pain relief, and didnt tear, although I did think i was being torn in two at the time. It was actually a really positive birth and I felt like a bloody lioness afterwards.

If everything else is fine, it is absolutely possible to birth a big baby and have n problems with it.

broomchickabroomchick Fri 24-Jul-15 17:41:13

My 1st was 9lb 2oz at 40+13 (induced) and my 2nd was 10lb 8oz at 40+12.

The day I was due to be induced with DC2 I went into labour at 6am, by 10:30am she was here! It was very quick and I did have a second degree tear but I had that with DC1 too. She was actually easier then number one because I was in a better position. We did have to stay in for the night because she was so big they needed to be sure she could regulate her blood sugar.

SpamAnderson Fri 24-Jul-15 18:20:47

My dds were 'big babies'. Well that's what the consultants told me, had scans every 2 weeks etc as they were going to be 'whales'. They were estimated at high weights however dd1 was born at 11 days overdue at 8lb 3.5. Dd2 was born at 6 days over at 8lb 3oz.
My friend had 3 big babies, 2 at nearly 10lb and 1 nearly 11lb and they were born with no issue smile

Flisspaps Fri 24-Jul-15 18:55:11

DS was 11lb 7oz, attempted home birth but we were blue lighted in (no dire emergency apparent)

He was born with forceps and episiotomy. 40cm head blush

DD was 8lb 2oz and I had a 3rd degree tear with her, no such problem with DS.

LongDayAlready Sat 25-Jul-15 05:50:02

Yes, I should have said, DC2 (and3) also home birth in pool, hardly any time for G&A . Glad you're feeling better, let us know how it goes. x

SilverHoney Sat 25-Jul-15 20:04:50

First baby, induced at 42 weeks. Delivered with pethadrin (sp?), rubbish gas and air in the pool. DD was 9lbs 15.5oz, not the biggest but big enough. To be honest I think head size matters a lot more than weight. I'd rather deliver a chubby / heavy baby with a small head, than a skinny baby with a big head!

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